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Planting in Jubilee Gardens

By Brian Clarke Bredgar Parish Council

Thursday, 26 January 2017


Bredgar Parish Council Contributor


Bredgar village purchased six oak trees in 2005 as part of the Battle of Trafalgar 200 year anniversary celebrations. One oak was planted in the recreation ground with a plaque, it remains in place today and is growing well. The remaining five oaks were planted with a second plaque in an orchard adjacent to Hawks Hill Lane. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances the five trees had to be moved a few years after planting and subsequently they died. The plaque was recovered from the orchard and moved to Jubilee Gardens.

Bredgar Parish Council have recently purchased a new oak tree Quercus Concordia (Golden Oak). This tree was chosen because it has beautiful golden yellow foliage, is slow growing and only reaches around 26 feet – an ideal size for Jubilee Gardens. The Golden Oak has now been planted in the centre of Jubilee Gardens for everyone to enjoy.

The Parish Council would like to thank Carol Allen, a past resident and parish councillor of Bredgar, who has kindly donated three Queen Elizabeth II roses for the Jubilee Gardens. The donation prompted councillors to clean up the north east corner of Jubilee Gardens. Overgrown blackberry bushes, elderberry trees and underlying dumped hardcore have been removed. Making space for a corner bed for the three roses.

A tree surgeon has been engaged to perform some maintenance work on the existing trees in Jubilee Gardens. Work is expected to take place at the end of February.

We hope and expect these changes will improve the Jubilee Gardens, the Golden Oak becoming a centre piece and the roses providing a beautiful and colourful new bed.

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