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Neighbourhood Development Plan

The majority of documents related to the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) can be found on the Compton Neighbourhood Development Plan website.  


Independent examination

Andrew Mead has been appointed to carry out the independent examination of the Compton Neighbourhood Development Plan. The examiner is currently considering the NDP submission, along with the representations that were received during West Berkshire District Council's consultation on the submitted plan (known as a Regulation 16 consultation).

The examiner issued a letter on 9th August 2021 requesting clarification on some matters from Compton Parish Council (CPC) and West Berkshire Council (WBC) to assist in the examination.  



At their meeting on 7th October 2019, Compton Parish Council agreed to endorse the Interim Policy Statement regarding the Pirbright Site Issues and Policy Objectives. This document has been submitted to West Berkshire Council