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Welcome to your village website, here you'll find information about Cosgrove and the community. Use the menu above to find news and points of interest for our village, where to eat, drink & stay, local businesses and our country walks. Spend some time to meander through our gallery of village views, both present and yesteryear. To help provide more interesting information and photographs, we've now added a new page called What's happening. Please take a look and see who's in the news this month.

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Cosgrove Community & Parish Council Update


Concerns continue to be raised over vehicles driving through the village at unacceptable speeds. Sadly, it's reported that these incidents are often residents and not delivery drivers or visitors to the village, who show great respect. Drivers are reminded that our village roads are congested all through the year, requiring vehicles to be driven well below the speed limit, to ensure the safety of everyone. Please remember that the speed limit is a limit, not to be exceeded and not a target to reach. All restrictions apply when entering and leaving the village, until past the maximum speed limit signs. Our speed indication devices are in place to remind drivers, please take notice and keep speed below the limit. Records of excessive speed are recorded and may be shared with the police, in an attempt to get abusers to be more considerate.

Litter and Dog poo

Sadly our village is suffering from litter and a small minority of dog owners not picking up after their dog. Dog owners must also pick up when walking our Rights of Way, as other users don't want to tread in it and grazing animals can be harmed if consumed. More information on our Village walks page. Please help keep our parish tidy and use the bins provided throughout the village to dispose of all litter. If not near a bin, please keep it until you find one, or take it home and place in your own bin. Together we can keep our village looking its best.

Playing field equipment

The playing field and equipment are open for use, but users are must take extra precautions to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. Parents are reminded that the play area is not supervised, there is no provision for sanitising equipment and no hand washing facilities. Please ensure that extreme caution is taken when using the equipment. The Parish Council strongly recommend that the Risk Assessment, available on the Covid-19 page, is read by all parents before their children use the play equipment.


After further consideration by a landowner, there is currently now only one small plot of land available to  provide allotments for interested Cosgrove residents. If you wish to register your interest in an allotment plot or find out on progress, please speak to, or email Jeff Proctor. Developments are slow as we wait for the landowner to formalise the agreement for the land. Further information will be posted as it develops.


For government, Public Health England and information on what you are allowed and not allowed to do, view our Covid-19 page.

Neighbourly support is encouraged to assist people who are advised to self isolate. The Parish Council has organised a community support group to help members of the community who need help with shopping or collecting medication from local chemists. For details visit our Covid-19 page.

Parish Council Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month, unless notice is posted in advance of a change.

Parish Council Meetings are held each month as open video conference meetings, using Zoom. Members of the public are welcome to join the meetings over the internet and observe the proceedings. 

For details on how to join meetings visit the Parish Council page.

Have your say on Village Matters

It’s always a good time to let the Parish Council know about issues that matter to you.  Email your concerns or thoughts to clerk@cosgroveparishcouncil.org.uk or discuss with your nearest Parish Councillor.

Volunteer Working Party

Our community is blessed with people who wish to maintain the appearance of our village. Projects are being planned for when the lockdown is eased, so please let us know if you can volunteer to join us for a couple of hours in the near future. Email: cosgrovevillage@gmail.com