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Welcome to your village website, here you'll find information about Cosgrove and the community. Use the menu above to find news and points of interest for our village, where to eat, drink & stay, local businesses and our country walks. Spend some time to meander through our gallery of village views, both present and yesteryear. To help provide more interesting information and photographs, we have our Recent events page. Please take a look and see who's in the news this month.

For an email notification of important news, select the News tab, where you can add your email address. You will receive an email informing you, whenever items of news are added to the website.

Planning and development information can now be viewed on a dedicated page. View planning information.

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Recent updates:

29th March - Community & support: Link added for find a dentist near you. What's on: updated for April. Parish Council: Agenda for April 5th meeting uploaded. 
19th March - Development and Planning: Current Pending applications updated. Deadline for commenting on the Warehouse application extended to Friday 14th April.
13th March - Home: Litter pick event details for Friday 7th April.
8th March - Parish Council Meeting Minutes 2023: Approved February Meeting minutes added and draft March Meeting minutes.
22nd February - Home: Speed Indication Device data analysed.
20th February - Home: page amended to work with the new News roundup page. What's on: updated to suit computer screens and mobile devices. Popular Links now titled Links to Organisations & Services. Parish path warden: Report updated.
1st February - Home and What's on: Musica Charity Choir event.
24th January - Neighbourhood Watch - information updated. Meeting minutes added.


Voluntary Good Friday Litter Pick - Friday 7th April 10.00am

Spare a couple of hours and join volunteers for a litter pick around the Parish.
Litter pick equipment will be provided, so just bring yourselves and join in. Meet at the crossroads for 10.00am start, where hi-viz vests, litter pickers, disposable gloves and sacks will be available.


Come along and help tidy our village with a community litter pick Come along and help tidy our village with a community litter pick

Yardley Road/Castlethorpe road junction

With another recent collision at the junction of Yardley Road and Castlethorpe Road, we are again pressing WNC to take the actions identified 3 - 4 years back.
With assistance from Councillor Ian McCord, correspondence with WNC has alerted us to how the work is prioritised. WNC have stated that it is a low priority, as their records show less than three accidents in two years. With knowledge of at least three in the last 18 months, we wish to record the incidents and provide more accurate information.
Please report any future incidents at the junction on Cosgrove Village Facebook page, email the clerk or tell your nearest Parish Councillor. Read more on the News roundup page.


Speed Indication Devices (SID)

Data downloads from the SIDs indicate that 98% of traffic driving in the village is within the 30mph speed limit. Read more on the News roundup page.


Planning Application for Proposed industrial development for land off Stratford Road and at Furtho Pit (AL5)

Information can be viewed by clicking this link or selecting 'AL5 site' above.

Furtho Development Objection Group worked hard to read the documents posted and  produced a table of concerns referenced to the guidelines and policies issued by West Northamptonshire Council. This work helped many to comment and is very much appreciated. View the table on the Furtho Development Objection Group page.

Parish Councillor vacancy

Notice of Casual Vacancy for the vacant Parish Council position can be viewed on Parish Council page.

Bus service

The bus service will continue to operate. Read more on the News roundup page.

Traffic and Speed Indication Devices

The three Speed Indication Devices are helping drivers realise their speed. Read more on the News roundup page.

Litter and Dog poo

Sadly, our village is suffering from litter and a small minority of dog owners not picking up after their dog. Read more on the News roundup page.

Roads & pavement issues, blocked drains, obstructions

West Northamptonshire Council rely on residents to identify and report issues that they are responsible to maintain. See how you can help on the News roundup page.

Road surfaces and 20 mph requests

Highways advise that the criteria for road surface repairs on Bridge Road, below the bridge, aren't met and decline any attention. Read more on the News roundup page.

Pavements and paths

With increasing volumes of traffic through the village it is vital that pavements and paths are kept clear, and pedestrians not forced to walk in the road. Read more on the News roundup page.


The village allotments are progressing with gardeners preparing their allocated plots. Read more on the News roundup page.

Play Equipment Improvement

Interest has been raised from residents for improvements to the equipment on the play area. With a range of age groups to provide for, the Parish Council welcomes suggestions from the community. The majority of the existing equipment has been sourced through Wicksteed Park Play Equipment, but if your suggestion is available from an alternative supplier, please include the supplier, cost and preferred location. Suggestions can be sent to the Parish Council clerk or using the Contact tab above.

Fibreoptic cabling

Read more on the News roundup page.


Covid has affected a number of villagers this year and everyone is reminded to continue following safe practices.
As government relaxes restrictions, it's advisable to read Public Health England's advice, available by viewing our Covid-19 page. 

Links to Organisations & Services

Links are now available on a dedicated page.