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Dunham & District Village Hall

Dunham Bridge Company

Dunham Bridge is a toll bridge across the River Trent in England. It spans the border between the administrative counties of Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire to the west and east respectively. It forms part of the A57 road, in the section between the Great North Road and Lincoln. It takes its name from the nearby village of Dunham-on-Trent.

  • Dunham Bridge is one of several historic Trent crossings in Lincolnshire, such as the bridge at Gainsborough which operated tolls until 1932
  • The first Dunham Bridge replaced a ferry. Parliament approved the raising of a toll to finance the bridge. Many other bridges, as well as canals and railways, were financed in a similar way
  • The bridge runs alongside the pipes that bring Lincoln's main water supply, from Elkesley in Nottinghamshire, which were introduced following a typhoid epidemic in the city in 1904
  • Free passage over the bridge is permitted on Christmas Day and Boxing Day
Dunham Bridge Dunham Bridge