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The mission of the Dyslexia Research Trust (DRT) is to help people with learning difficulties, especially young children, to achieve their full potential in life. Professor John Stein says: "Often dyslexic children are very talented. It's just that their talents don't include reading and spelling."

1 in 10 children suffer from dyslexia. Dyslexia is the most common cause of childhood loss of self-esteem, leading to profound misery and even suicide, or vandalism, violence and criminality. 50% of convicted criminals are thought to be dyslexic.

Since 1995, the DRT has been helping to improve the lives of many thousands of young people with dyslexia. The DRT exists wholly to provide clinical services to children and adults with dyslexia and related conditions in order to support scientific research into the nature and causes of these conditions.

DRT Aims

  • To support research into why so many children find it so difficult to learn to read.
  • To offer assessments at DRT clinics to any child who struggles with reading.
  • To develop effective methods for helping children, and adults, to overcome their reading problems.
  • To provide unbiased information about dyslexia, its causes, and treatment.
  • To train professionals in dyslexia research and practice.
  • To raise awareness of current research through scientific and media publications, lectures, conferences etc., for dyslexics, carers, professionals, academics and policy makers.
Dyslexia Research Trust About Us