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New members of any level from complete beginners to experienced competitive bowlers are always welcome.

We offer a range of memberships:

Full playing  male member - £110 per year

Full playing female member - £60 per year

Junior playing member (under 18 as at 1 May 2023) - £25 per year

Associate member * -  £60 per year

Social member use of club facilities only - £15 per year

New member playing member ** - £35 for the first year (This is for new bowlers only and not ones moving from other clubs

* An associate member is a member with full membership rights but choosing to only play in roll ups, friendly matches, Bounds and Freemantle trophies as well as The Birch Cup. Associate members can upgrade their membership at any time during the season.

** This is for new members/ First time members only, and not transfers from other clubs.

Download an application form to apply