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Fleming Park Bowling Club

New Members Information

Brief history

The club was formed in 1937.  The original location was in Passfield Avenue where the Holiday Inn now stands and had two grass greens.  The club moved to its present site in 1980.


The club complex has two greens – one grass and one artificial.  Fleming Park plays the overwhelming majority of its games on the grass green.  The pavilion includes a large function room with kitchen, bar, female and male changing rooms and toilets including facilities for those with disabilities.  Whilst priority use of the function room is given to bowls activities, it is extensively let throughout the year for social events, weddings, parties and training.  Members may hire the room at preferential rates.  They are welcome to use the lounge bar when the function room is let privately.

Membership categories

Playing member

Social non-playing member

Junior Member – under 18

The season

The season runs from mid April to end of September.  It normally begins with an optional lunch followed by a light-hearted game and finishes with a full day club internal tournament including lunch.

The grass green is open from 1300 hours to dusk on Monday to Friday and from 1000 hours to dusk at weekends.  Membership entitles bowlers to unlimited use of the green without further charge.  However, a reasonable charge is made to cover refreshments for league and friendly matches.

The game

Bowls is a game for persons of all ages and abilities.  Fleming Park is a competitive club but there is a place for those who just want to play in friendly matches or roll up by themselves or with friends.  The choice is yours.

An outline of types of game follows:

  • Singles - 4 woods each, first to 21 shots
  • Two wood - singles 2 woods each, 21 ends
  • Pairs - 4 woods each, 21 ends
  • Triples - 3 a side, 3 woods each,18 ends
  • Fours (rinks) - 4 a side, 2 woods each, 21 ends

Men’s league Thursdays

4 rinks, 4 players per rink, 2 woods each, 21 ends

Men's league Tuesdays

3 rinks, 4 players per rink, 2 woods each, 21 ends

Ladies league

2 rinks, 4 players per rink, 2 woods each, 21 ends

Bowls is played to a set of rules that fellow members will be pleased to explain to you.  It is a game where good behaviour and sportsmanship dominate.  Fleming Park is committed to uphold this tradition and if you follow the guidelines below you are unlikely to go wrong.


  • Respect your opponent on and off the green
  • Do not ‘talk’ to your opponent's woods (i.e. wish them bad luck)
  • Do not distract your opponent
  • Do not walk behind the head when someone is about to bowl

Green care

  • Do not drop your woods onto the green
  • Seek help if your delivery damages the green
  • Vary the mat position during friendly matches and roll ups

General courtesy

  • Return all equipment to the storage areas
  • Play your club competitions by play off dates
  • Accept wins and losses with equal humility
  • Enjoy your game and support your club

Club matches

Men play league matches on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and ladies play league games on Thursday afternoons.  These matches are on a home and away basis in the Southampton area.  At each home game and most away games, light refreshments are available after the match.

On Wednesday afternoons, mixed friendly matches are played locally on a home and away basis.  Tea and biscuits are provided at a small charge.  Friendly matches are also played against touring sides and an after match meal is provided at reasonable cost.

Club competitions

Separate men’s and ladies knockout competitions are played throughout the season culminating with finals day in late September.  Some competitions are handicapped to help the less experienced bowlers. There is also a handicapped mixed singles competition.

Perpetual trophies are presented at the club annual dinner in November.

Dress code

Like other sports bowls has a dress code.  Bowling shoes must be worn on the green to protect the surface.  However, during initial stages of membership, we allow flat-soled shoes, trainers or plimsolls and casual dress to mitigate the cost of starting a new sport.


All external competitions

White club top, white skirt, trousers or cropped trousers

Club competitions – until finals

White above the waist, grey skirt or trousers

Club competitions - finals

White club top, white skirt, tailored or cropped trousers

Mid-week friendly matches

White above the waist grey skirt or trousers

Other friendly matches

As advised per game

Roll up

Traditional bowls dress or casual dress


League and national team competitions

Club shirt, white trousers

Club competitions – until finals

Club or white shirt, grey trousers or grey/white tailored shorts

Club competitions - finals

Club shirt, white trousers or tailored white shorts

District and county competitions – until latter stages

Club or white shirt, grey trousers however teams must wear same dress above the waist

District and county competitions – latter stages

Club shirt and white trousers

Mid week friendly matches

Club or white shirt, grey trousers or tailored shorts

Other friendly matches

As advised per game

Roll up

Traditional bowls dress or casual dress

Shorts: Tailored shorts can be worn where permitted by an Association’s rules.

Footwear: Bowling shoes must be worn on the greens to protect the surfaces.

New bowlers: In early stages of membership, flat-soled shoes or trainers and casual dress is allowed to mitigate the cost of starting a new sport.

Markers: Appreciated if markers could adopt above code and must do so for club finals.

Opponents Green: Fleming Park members must respect the dress code of the club concerned.

Parkside Bowling Club

Fleming Park Bowling Club sub let the artificial green to Parkside Bowling Club.  Parkside has full use of the club facilities.  It runs its own league teams and competitions.

Winter social programme

During the closed season social events are run jointly with Parkside Bowling Club.  These take place on a Friday evening if demand is sufficient and include bingo, quizzes and a horse racing night.  The bar is also open from 1930 hours on Thursday evenings in the closed season for Eastleigh Running Club and bowling members are welcome on those evenings.

Administration of the club

Most bowls clubs are run by a handful of members.  Fleming Park is no exception.  The management committee handles day to day matters.  Whilst some decisions may not be to our individual liking, they will be taken for the greater good of the majority of members.

Hopefully you will not have reason to be unhappy but if an issue arises that upsets you please speak to either the ladies or men’s captain in the first instance.

Enjoy your bowling.