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Hannington Parish Council, Hampshire


Hannington Parish Council has been liaising with the Hampshire County Council Superfast Broadband Programme team for over three years, with the aim of drawing attention to Hannington parish's need for business quality broadband services in the community.

The parish council had compiled research in 2013 into the existing expected broadband service speeds according to OFCOM vs. BT Wholesale for the Kingsclere Ward. Discrepancies were passed onto the HCC Broadband Programme Team to correct premises broadband classifications which may have precluded the new service being provided to them.

UPDATE: At the end of May’18 BT Openreach have installed the ‘fibre’ street cabinet designated ‘Kingsclere 8’

The revised technical solution is currently underway for the provision of superfast broadband to Hannington village, that is to provide overhead ‘fibre’ cable strung along the existing telegraph poles from the A339 to the ‘Kingsclere 8’ street cabinet located near Moonpenny Cottage at the North end of the village.

The ongoing installation work by BT Openreach is expected to be completed by the 3rd quarter 2018 at which time residents in Hannington Village would be able to order ‘Superfast Broadband’. 

The actual speed for each home will depend upon a range of factors, primarily the distance they are from the street cabinet Kingsclere 8 from where the final leg of broadband is delivered by copper cable to the home.  However, we are talking about speeds of 24+Mbps in most cases for those residents who are within 1.2km from the cabinet. 

Cllr Hertz advised that this solution is limited to those living within the ‘village’ and does not apply to the four ‘satellites’ of Ibworth, North Oakley, White Lane and Plantation Farm.

You can find the latest status of Superfast Broadband in your postcode by using the fibre checker at https://www.openreach.co.uk/orpg/home/index.do


As a whole, Hannington Parish is currently served by four exchanges with indicative broadband speeds ranging up to 1-2Mbps according to BT Wholesale.


Wave 2 Programme for Superfast Broadband

Hannington Village is included in the Wave 2 superfast roll-out programme with BT plans to install additional infrastructure, however, BT Openreach are undertaking detailed planning so the timing of the upgrade is unknown.

To get information regarding the roll-out of superfast broadband to your postcode go to the 'HCC Superfast Broadband' website.

Universal Service Commitment - Better Basic broadband Subsidy Scheme

If your area is not included in the Superfast Broadband Programme, Hampshire Superfast Broadband Programme is supporting the national Universal Service Commitment. The scheme offers residents with broadband connections of less than 2Mbps the opportunity to apply for a subsidy towards the installation and set up of a satellite or fixed wireless broadband solution. 

In some circumstances, residents can aggregate their subsidies and put the combined funding towards a fixed wireless or fixed line superfast broadband service for the wider community.

To see more on the alternative solutions go to the 'HCC Broadband Programme' website.

Note that the fixed wireless solution provider currently serving Hannington parish is 'HiWiFi' present in Ibworth, Hannington Village and North Oakley.

How Broadband Works - for techies

The website www.thinkbroadband.com provides broadband news and information with an article for those who wish to know more technical detail found at https://www.thinkbroadband.com/how-broadband-works

Major Broadband Outages

In the event your broadband is not working you can check if a major network incident has occurred  in your area by using the Openreach local network checker 'Openreach network checker'


Page updated 17th June 2018... with broadband update