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Hedgerley Parish Council


Hedgerley Parish Council currently have Six Parish Councillors, with one vacancy.

Your Councillors are democratically elected representatives who act on behalf of the Parish as a whole, not just those Parishioners who voted for them. The Councillors volunteer their time for free, and are elected for a 4 year term.

If you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor for Hedgerley, please see the 'How do you become a Parish Councillor' Section under the pictures of our Councillors.


How do you become a Parish Councillor?

To qualify to be a Parish Councillor you must be:

  • A resident in the parish, or within three miles of the parish, or working full time in the parish for at least 12 months prior to the nomination or election day.
  • A British citizen, or a citizen of the Commonwealth or the European Union.
  • Over 18
  • A registered local government elector within the Parish

A person cannot be a Parish Councillor if:

  • They have been convicted of a criminal offence and sentenced to more than 3 months imprisonment within the last five years
  • They hold a paid office, or other position of profit in the council
  • They are the subject of a bankruptcy restriction order or interim order.
  • They incur illegal expenditure (when acting as a councillor) of over £2,000, or are found guilty of using corrupt or illegal practices