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Neighbourhood Watch

There are no formal Neighbourhood Watch Schemes in the Parish of Hurstbourne Tarrant, but a Facebook page exists which is kept up to date with information from the local neighbourhood policing teams, the county and national Neighbourhood Watch, and any local information which may be of relevance or importance to keeping ourselves and our communities safe.

There is also a Next Door group for the Parish, where information is regularly exchanged.  You will need to register and give your postcode, which will then attach you to the correct area.

The response policing team works out of Andover Police Station (South Street, Andover, SP10 2ED) and the neighbourhood team are based in Stockbridge.

If you witness a crime taking place, suspicious activity, or believe it has just occurred, you are encouraged to ring 999 for immediate assistance.  For anything else, please do report via 101 or much more easily, Hampshire Constabulary's online reporting system.

If you don't report something suspicious, however insignificant you think it may be, then the police will not be aware that incidents are happening in our community, and therefore, priority will not be given to increased patrols or assistance.

Report a crime anonymously -

Protect your valuables -

Have you signed up to Hampshire Alert yet? It’s FREE to get crime alerts and info for your area!

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