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Irchester Parish Council is a civil local authority found in England and is the lowest, or first, tier of government. Parish Councils are elected corporate bodies, have variable tax raising powers, and are responsible for areas known as a civil parish serving in total 16 million people. A parish council serving a town may be called a town council and a parish council serving a city is styled a city council; these bodies have the same powers, duties and status as a parish council.

Parish and town councils vary enormously in size, activities and circumstances, representing populations ranging from less than 100 (small rural hamlets) to up to 70,000 (Weston-Super-Mare Town Council). Most of them are small: around 80% represent populations of less than 2,500.

Irchester Parish Council was established in 1894 and has 12 councillors elected from the Irchester Ward and 3 councillors elected from the Little Irchester Ward.

Irchester Parish Council aims to continually promote the best interests of all members of the local community by providing facilities and amenities eg: Cemeteries, Leisure & Community Centres and Recreation Grounds.

  • To provide the best possible services and amenities which meet the needs and expectations of residents
  • Where the Council provide direct service it endeavours to maintain high professional standards and a quality service
  • The Parish Council encourages residents to let us know their opinions, comments and concerns of which the Council will act promptly to pass onto relevant local authorities or bodies issues which cannot be dealt with directly by the Council at Council meetings or which fall outside of the Parish Council's remit.

Each meeting has a "Public Session" to allow residents to raise any concerns appropriate to Irchester