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Latest news and updates



For the 2021 season Margate and Dane Park Bowling Clubs joined forces and played together as a team in the ladies league.

Match results at the start of the season which began in mid-May did not fare too well. The attainment of league points improved throughout mid-season but alas sadly tailed off in the last few matches. The last match of the season was on 2nd September.

Margate Ladies, Trish, Helen and Barbara would like to thank the Dane Park Ladies with whom they played with during the season. Special thanks to Lindsey who was key to facilitating the merger of the two clubs at very short notice which enabled the Ladies to play competitive bowls matches. Thanks also to all the other Dane Park Ladies involved. It was a pleasure play matches with you all.



A quiz night will be held in the clubhouse on Friday 24th September 2021. Come along and join us. The bar will be open from 1915 hours and the quiz will commence at 1930 hours. The entry fee is £3.00 per person.



Margate Bowling Club are holding a Social Evening on Friday 3rd September 2021. Come along and join us for a good night out playing darts, dominoes, cribbage and other card games.

The bar is open from 1915 hours.




It has been almost two years since the club held a quiz night and last Friday heralded a return. The quiz was very well attended and the results of the competing teams was close, however the "A" team eclipsed the other teams to claim victory. Many thanks to Sue Samuels for compiling and "calling out" the questions. It was a very good night and members and friends look forward to the next quiz. Date to be notified.



The Men's team finished a creditable second in their league and qualified for the play-offs. Next up was a semi-final match against a strong Walpole Bay side who finished top of Combination League A.

The semi-final match took place yesterday (29.7.21). After 13 ends (of a total of 18) both rinks of triples were neck and neck and the rink results could have gone either way. However Walpole Bay played extremely well and powered on to win both rinks and the match by an overall score of 36 to 26.

We at Margate, wish all the very best to Walpole Bay Bowling Club in the final.




With effect from Monday 19th July 2021 the Covid 19 Government Rules change. Members will no longer be required to sign-in on the Attendance Sheet. Members are permitted to move around the clubhouse and changing rooms as they wish with no restrictions on numbers of people in these locations.

The committee would like to thank all members for adhering to the previous rules and regulations put in place to keep members and visitors safe throughout the pandemic. Indeed, following the rules has kept us all safe.

In acknowledging Covid 19 is still out there, it is understandable that members may still wish to take precautions such as continuing to use hand sanitisers, wearing face masks and practise social distancing in and around the club. The committee find these actions wholly acceptable, with the added rider "we have come this far safely, let us continue to look after each other and "keep safe".




With regard to the Government's ruling on 14.6.21 relating to the planned national easing of Covid 19 restrictions on 21.6.21, the Government said this change will not take place. It is envisaged this change may now take place on 19.7.21 subject to meeting the Government's criteria.

Taking this into account, club members are reminded to continue applying the Covid 19 rules and regulations adopted from 17.5.21.

These rules were designed to keep us all safe and have worked extremely well.

If members require any further clarification of the changes implemented on 17.5.21, do not hesitate to contact a committee member.




What a glorious sunny evening to play our first friendly match of the season against SE Kent Police. The match commenced at 1800 hours with three mixed triples. It was great to experience a sense of "real bowling" again and thanks to the Police for making the occasion very enjoyable. Unfortunately MBC lost the match 56 - 42.



With effect from 17th May 2021 a number of changes will be implemented in line with Government and Bowls of England requirements.

There is no longer a need to book rinks. All six rinks can be used. Please note: players are asked to use rinks 1 and 6 on occasion to ensure wear and tear is spread evenly across the green.

Members attending the club must sign-in on the "Attendance Form" that can be found near the clubhouse entrance door. This is the same process used last season.This requirement is largely for "track & trace" purposes.

The existing Covid equipment cleaning regime will continue. Jacks, mats, pushers.

Up to 12 people are allowed in changing rooms. Our advice is to wear masks in changing rooms.

The clubhouse can be used for refreshments. Tables can be used with no more than six people seated at a table. Tables should have a minimum of 2 metres distance between them. Upon entering the clubhouse, masks must be worn until seated. When you leave your seat for any reason, you must wear a mask.

All of the above is designed to keep us safe.

If members require any further clarification of these changes and requirements, do not hesitate to contact a committee member.




Regular "roll-ups" will take place with effect from Tuesday 18th May 2021.

Tuesdays -ready to roll at 1430 hours

Thursdays - ready to roll at 1030 hours.

Saturdays - ready to roll at 1230 hours.

Notwithstanding the above members can if they wish, bowl at any time on any day throughout the season.




The RBS is working very well and more members are booking rinks and enjoying bowling again.

From 17th May 2021 as more covid 19 restrictions ease, the club will be introducing "ROLL-UP" times, these were very popular last season. The Roll-Up's will take place on Tuesdays, ready to roll at 1430 hours, Thursdays, ready to roll at 1030 hours and Saturdays ready to roll at 1230 hours every week.

As well as the above, members will still be able to bowl on any day, at any time, throughout the season.




The tournament commences on Sunday 1st August. Entry forms can be found in the MBC clubhouse. For further details contact Mariea Mills 01843593884



The weather forecast is for sunshine from Monday 12th April for a number of days. The Rink Booking System is open to take bookings, take advantage of the weather and book a rink.



Guidelines for using the Rink Booking System (RBS) have been sent to club members. It is important this system is adhered to in order to control numbers and keep safe.

Changing rooms can be used. The clubhouse cannot used until further notice.

The Ladies and Men's League Fixture lists have been produced and can be viewed at the club. Shortly the fixture lists will be shown on the website.

Friendly matches continue to be arranged. Watch this space.

See you all soon.


Posted 31.3.21


The club are hoping to start bowling, in line with government guidelines, on or about 12th April 2021. This date has yet to be confirmed largely because there is still some work to be carried out the green and the impact of weather. The green is looking good, however where the foxes did not visit throughout the winter, one or two have returned to dig some holes in the green. Action is being taken to minimise and /or eradicate their presence.

I know many members have suffered from BWS (BOWLS WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS) and cannot wait to commence therapy.

Social distancing is still very important. Mat and jack sanitising and equipment cleaning is still required in line with last season's regime.

Because of  Covid 19 there are still regulations to follow, as well as the above, there is a requirement for a rink booking system akin to last year to be introduced. This will eventually not be required as the government road map expands. Alan Marden will manage the booking system and further details will be sent to club members.

The club will be playing in both ladies and men's Isle of Thanet league matches and friendly matches too. Dates for these matches are to be confirmed. 

Once the road map allows, roll-ups can commence.

Cannot wait to see you all back on the green.

Sadly late December 2020 Sheila Taylor passed away after a non-covid illness. There are not enough words to describe Sheila and, in particular what she meant to Margate Bowling Club. She was Margate Bowling Club. RIP Sheila.


Posted 22.10.20


2020 has been a year that most people will never forget due to Covid-19. The pandemic caused the cancellation of all league and friendly matches with other clubs for safety reasons.

Nevertheless plenty of bowling took place during this long hot summer with the organised roll-ups well attended by members. The last roll-up took place on Saturday 10th October. The matches were heavily contested but fun too.

A big thanks must go to Geoff, the club's chair and the committee for enabling the club to open for bowling at the end of May and keep it open. Strict government guidelines had to be followed throughout the season, keeping pace with everchanging advice to ensure everyone was safe.

Another big thanks to the "Green Working Party" which was established to maintain the green throughout the season. They did a fantastic job, the green played perfectly to the last bowling date.

Work has already started on the green for next year.

Let's hope next year will be better than this year.





Posted 2.8.20


Organised "roll-ups" will now take place:

every Tuesday afternoons - ready to roll at 1430 hours

Every Thursday mornings - ready to roll at 1030 hours.

And Saturday "roll-ups" will continue - ready to roll at Midday .

Of course you can still bowl at your leisure at any time on any day, however the green is mowed on Tuesdays and Saturday mornings.

You are reminded when visiting the club to ensure you sign the Attendance Sheet and practice safe distancing.

Posted 28.7.20


A green working party has been established and they will meet each week and take responsibilty for general tasks around the green area.


Posted 28.7.20

Really good turn out last Saturday for the club's first "roll-up" of the season. It was good to see so many friends and colleagues again.

Ladies and Gentlemans changing room are open but only for storing bowls and equipment. Note: Only one person allowed in the rooms at any time.


Posted 22.7.20


Commencing on Saturday 25th July 2020 and Saturdays thereafter "roll-ups" will begin starting at 1200 hours. We look forward to seeing you at the club. Due to Covid-19 rules no more than thirty people are allowed at the club at any one time. We need to continue to Stay Alert and Stay Safe by keeping socially distant.

The Bar will be open with separate entrance and exit doors. Unfortunately due to Covid-19 rules the club is unable to provide food.

Don't forget to sign the "Attendance Sheet."

Posted 22.7.20


Please note: On Tuesdays of every week the rinks will be unavailable for use until after 1100 hours due to the above.

On Saturdays of every week the rinks will be unavailable for use until after 1200 hours due to the above.

Posted 22.7.20


Members are no longer required to comply with the "rink booking system."

Members can play at anytime and all 6 rinks are open. However in order to comply with Covid-19 track and trace rules, members MUST sign an "Attendance Sheet" that can be found on the table by the clubhouse door prior to playing. Instructions about the information required can be found on the sheet. Any questions, please contact Geoff.



Denise Armstrong has resigned from the above post and left the club.

Posted 14.7.20


Pete Armstrong has stepped down from the role of the club's Green Ranger with effect from last Saturday.

Pete was responsible for the maintenance and care of the bowling green. Thanks to him for his hard work and dedication in producing a high quality bowling green.

Arrangements are already in place to ensure the standard of the green is maintained.


Posted 13.7.20


With immediate effect Denise will no longer take the bookings and keep records for track and trace purposes of the club's "rink booking system." Thanks to Denise for undertaking this very important task.

Geoff Holmes has taken over this responsibilty. Please call Geoff on his mobile between the hours of 1000 and 1600 to book a rink.

It is imperative that members book rinks and not "just turn up" and play. It is a requirement of opening the club under COVID-19 rules that records of people who visit the club have to be maintained for track and trace purposes.

Visitors are welcome to come along and bowl at the club providing they are accompanied by a club member. A small fee of £3.00 for each visit is required to play.


Posted 5.6.20


The systems and procedures put in place by the committee to ensure safety and social distancing is proving successful.

Thanks to them we can all play bowls again.

It is understandable that some members may be nervous about to "getting back on the green" in the current situation. I too, fell into this category but needed to see for myself. I booked a rink and I felt extremely safe at the club following the rules and thoroughly enjoyed bowling again. Although aching the following day I have visited the club a few times since it opened. Having spoken to a number of other members they too, were nervous at first but they all felt safe.

The "Rink Booking System" is working very well, don't forget to contact Denise when you want book a rink. 

The green is in good shape, Barbara is consistently beating me, and the "rink booking system" helps maintenance and wear and tear by using all the rinks. 

It will be great to see you all back soon.




Posted 3.6.20

Les Samuels the club's Chair, Men's Captain and Committee Member has resigned these positions with immediate effect. Les said it was not an easy decision for him to make and he now feel's it's the time to step back and he just wants to concentrate on, and enjoy bowling, and will see out the remainder of the season at Margate BC.

Les will be available for "one on one" coaching sessions on Monday evenings at 1800 hours, please contact him to arrange.

Geoff Holmes (Treasurer) said that since Les arrived at Margate he has played a major part in helping to build the club and is extremely grateful for his undoubted committment, support and loyalty not only to the club, but also himself. Geoff added, he cannot thank Les enough for his contribution to MBC and they have become good friends.




Posted 27.5.20


I'm delighted to write "the club is open for bowling to members only."

Members have been notified of the very strict safety rules and procedures now in place at the club, and at all times, must adhere to the requirements. These rules and procedures are in line with guidance from Bowls England and designed to keep everyone safe.

Members should also be aware of the introduction of a "rink booking system" designed specifically to ensure social distancing.

Should you require any further information, please contact a committee member.

Many thanks to the committee for making this happen.



Posted 24.5.20

Hello Club Members,

As yet the club is not ready to open for bowling but a date is nearing.

The committee have been working extremely hard prior to opening to ensure the safety of everyone is paramount. Strict rules of guidance has been issued by Bowls England.

The green is looking well and a few jobs still need to be completed.

I hope to inform you soon when we can get back on the green.



Posted 24.4.20


Dear Club Members

Just to give you all the latest news, as you all are aware we are unable to open the green tomorrow 25th April due to the current coronavirus situation. Hopefully as things improve and the lockdown is relaxed we will be able to play later in the season but as with everything at the moment we must wait and see what steps are taken next.

Pete is continuing to maintain the green and due to the club remaining closed at present is also carrying out some extra out of season work whist he has this added window of opportunity. The green is looking really good and by the time you are all allowed back it will be even better. If you look on our Facebook page you can get an idea of how it is coming on.

When we are given the all clear to open the club we will be in touch to let you know but before we can begin to bowl there will need to be a period when we arrange for some work parties to complete the necessary works that need to be carried out prior to bowling.

Please ALL keep safe, continue to keep the club safe by keeping your distance for now and therefore making it a safe place for Pete to continue his hard work.

Good health, hopefully see you soon Denise


Posted 23.3.20

We have received information from the Isle of Thanet Men's Bowling leagues that due to the current situation, both the Premier and Combination leagues WILL NOT TAKE PLACE this season.


IMPORTANT NOTICE - 18th March 2020

It has been decided by the commitee to close the club until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic.

During the closure there will be essential maintenance carried out on the bowling green by Peter Armstrong our Green Ranger.

The committee wishes for you all to stay safe and well.


18.3.20 - Please note: Sadly, The quiz night scheduled for April 17th 2020 has been cancelled.




Come along for the first roll-up of the new season, we look forward to seeing you all.

A light buffet will be available during the early afternoon. We have a new coffee machine too.

Newcomers who want to try their hand at bowling are also very welcome. Come along to the club anytime after 1030 hours on the above date, where you can be assured of a warm welcome with plenty of people willing to show you how to bowl. Flat shoes or trainers are ideal to wear on the green and bowls (woods) are available.

For further information telephone Les Samuels (our men's captain and club coach) 07734 392710

We are pleased that over 12 new members have joined the club this season. Les and Geoff would like to thank them for choosing to bowl at Margate and, in addition, thanks to our existing members for their continued support.


An exciting season awaits, with a significantly increased match fixture list providing many more bowling opportunities for all members.

The club have entered the East Kent Mixed Triples League, this entails six teams of three bowlers playing in matches.

The club have entered a team to play in the Ladies Isle of Thanet League, two triples per match. A very competitive league. This season the club has a new ladies captain Denise Armstrong.

The club have entered a men's team in the Men's Isle of Thanet Premier League, three triples per match. This league has top quality bowlers playing in it.

In addition, the club have entered a men's team in the Men's Isle of Thanet Combination League, two triples per match. Another league with very good players.

As well as the above we have our usual friendly matches. 

The club has purchased 12 new "bowls pushers" and hope they arrive for the start of the season.


It often goes unnoticed how much work on the green is undertaken throughout the winter months, notwithstanding this work carries on during the season as well. We all turn up at the start of the season expecting to bowl on a very good green.

An incredible amount of work has been put in by the Green Ranger, Pete Armstrong and his Tonto's to ensure our green is ready to play on at the start of the season. It is looking in good shape but there is still some work to do in the coming weeks. More money has been invested on the green this year. Thanks Pete for your commitment.  


Organised roll-ups will take place on Tuesday afternoons commencing at 1400 hours and Saturday mornings at 1030 hours if no matches are scheduled to be played.

Future quiz date:

Our next quiz will be on Friday 17th April, at 7.30 pm. SADLY THIS QUIZ HAS BEEN CANCELLED.

As usual, entrance fee is £8.00 if you're having fish and chips, or £3.00 if not. If you'd like to book a table, email Les on or phone/text 07734 392710.