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Mistley and Manningtree Bowls Club is a friendly members run lawn green bowls club that has been playing since 1926. You can find us in Mistley with superb panoramic views over the River Stour. We are next to Mistley Church and Mistley Cricket Club on New Road.

We are open to all abilities, and games are played from April to September and we stay social in the winter with quizzes and meet ups.

We have our Try Bowling days on 14, 20, 27th May 2023 which are open to all.  They are free and you just need flat soled shoes to get going.

Link to Try Bowling Dates

If you would like to try out lawn green bowls then come and look round the club, just get in touch.

We all have varying abilities and ages. There are a wide variety of matches to play in including roll-ups (informal practice), internal club competitions, friendly and competitive league games or just book a rink and play. We also have a full sized snooker table which is available to members.


It's a very doable game, can be played casually or competitively, it's fun and social.  Our bowling coaches can take you from a complete novice to bowling a nice and often competitive wood in short time.

Come visit us at New Road, Mistley next to the Church, CO11 1ER.

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Mistley and Manningtree Bowls Club

Mistley & Manningtree Bowls Club

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