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Welcome to the web site for Moreton Corbet and Lee Brockhurst Parish Council 

Moreton Corbet and Lee Brockhurst Parish is a rural parish in North Shropshire. The Parish Council covers the ward of Moreton Corbet and the ward of Lee Brockhurst. There are 88 residents registered in Lee Brockhurst ward and 152 residents registered in Moreton Corbet ward.

There are five Councillors representing Moreton Corbet ward and two Councillors representing Lee Brockhurst ward.

If you have any concerns or wish to make comment about any matter within the Parish Council area please do not hesitate to contact the Chairman who's name and telephone number can be found on the 'Councillors' page. We aim to look after the interests of members of the Parish so please if you have any issues that you think the Council may be able resolve please let us know.