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Farewell to Sally

By Ken Woolgar North Hampshire Prostate Cancer Support Group

Friday, 12 October 2018


North Hampshire Prostate Cancer Support Group Publicity Officer


Group Meeting 27 September – Farewell and Best Wishes to Sally Sawyer

Our meeting in our new venue, Loddon Valley Indoor Bowling Club, was a memorable, if sad, occasion. Sally Sawyer, our Clinical Liaison Officer, is off to the seaside. Sally is moving to become the team leader for the Uro-Oncology Specialist Nursing Team in the Hastings/Eastbourne area.

Sally joined the Basingstoke Hospital Urological team in 2007 following a number of other appointments since qualifying as a Registered Nurse in 1996. Sally was instrumental, along with staff from St Michael’s Hospice, in press ganging a number of prostate cancer patients into forming the nucleus of the Group. It exploded into life in August 2015 and has really never looked back.

Rolling back time just a bit – Sally’s career in nursing may have been shaped by being given a nurse’s uniform when very young. (Grandparents, beware what you buy as presents!). But, perhaps more likely, the influence was from having family members who were nurses and by her joining the St John’s Ambulance Brigade. Her father was involved in the oil industry and, for a time, as a youngster, Sally lived in Khartoum in the Sudan. (as Michael Caine might say “ Not a lot of people know that!"). The Sudan, with whirling dervishes here and there, was probably just a bit different from Paignton, Devon, from where Sally originally hails.

At the meeting, Sally was presented with a number of gifts that the Group hopes will be long-lasting mementoes of her time in Basingstoke. She was so busy with these that she failed to notice another activity. A group of members were logging onto the internet, trying to find out how they could opt to change to her new health authority for treatment!

Many members have benefitted from Sally’s hard work and duty. Everyone joined in the rousing three cheers that expressed their deep-felt thanks. Echoes of the cheers, we hope, rebound in future years.

Sally is sad to be leaving but, at the same time, is looking forward to the challenges of a new position and to living by the sea with husband, Tim. Sally’s hobby of swing dancing can easily continue as the swing dance team from Brighton will not be that far away. Some Group members will remember them from the ‘Spring Fling’.

So, for our Group, the times they are a changing. We look forward to welcoming Sally’s replacement.

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