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Harvest Hullaballo - roaring success

By Ken Woolgar North Hampshire Prostate Cancer Support Group

Thursday, 13 September 2018


North Hampshire Prostate Cancer Support Group Contributor



Our latest social event was a roaring success. Some members took the harvest theme a bit too literally. The landlady of the Four Horseshoes wants to know when the combine harvester will be removed from her car park.

Amongst many highlights, was the emergence of a new singing quartet “The Prostraters”. Despite their name, they do sing standing up. Under their trademark straw fedoras, lurk the well known faces of Fred, Colin, Brian and Albert. Their repertoire is extensive but they entertained with renditions of “When you’re smiling”, “Smile” and other popular numbers.

There are rumours that they have already been talent spotted and are next due at the Palladium (unfortunately not the London Palladium but The Palladium, Steeple Bumpstead).

The pass the parcel with forfeit proved a very energetic game. It not only tested the dexterity of how quickly the forfeit parcel could be thrown but also identified those who enjoy marshmallows. The first challenge was trying to remember, from the dim and distant past, how one was supposed to propose. The second hurdle was to say romantic words with a mouth full of marshmallow. Some other members proved that the Group exercise class must be doing some good. They had enough puff to blow up balloons without gasping too much and falling over.

The music from “Flukes” kept the joint swinging but older times prevailed for the final sing-along “Show Me the Way to Go Home”.

Members are already looking forward to further events in the Group’s social calendar.

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