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Overton Parish

Parish Councillors

Overton has 12 parish councillors who are elected every four years; the next election is likely to take place in May 2019.

List of Overton Parish Councillors as of May 2015

Councillor Contact Became Parish Councillor Role

Mr Peter Baker

01256 770007

July 2002

Parish council representative on St Luke’s Hall Management Committee. Member of the Planning Committee

Mr Gary Beecham

01256 770539

May 2015

Mr Colin Fowles

01256 770966

May 2007

Mr Graham Gould

01256 770223

May 2015

Mrs Marion Jones

co-opted May 2015

Mr Margaret Oram

co-opted May 2015

Mr Colin Phillimore

01256 771127

May 2015

Borough Councillor

Mrs Kirsten Robinson

co-opted May 2015

Mrs Lucy Sloane Williams

01256 770607

June 1995

Vice Chairman. Chairman of Planning. Representative for the Overton Biodiversity Society and Overton Village Website Group.

Mrs Valda Stevens

co-opted May 2015

Cllr Ian Tilbury

01256 771429

April 2001

Chairman, Borough Councillor, representative for Rights of Way

Dr Adam Trickett

01256 7721335

May 2011

Member of the Planning Committee