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The Plympton Bowling Club was formed in 1962 and over the years has been part of the community of Plympton and surrounding areas in so much as it has served the community with a sporting facility that suits all ages, both male and female, a number of whom would not have been able to play most other sports.

The club has and does provide a much needed asset to its members, majority of which are resident within the Plympton area, by way of a collective social requirement to include many social activities apart from pure bowling.

During the Outdoor Bowling Season, the club is part of the Plymouth and District League in both Men and Ladies Sections and is affiliated to Bowls Devon and in turn to Bowls England.

Internal club competitions are held throughout the outdoor season and a club night held regularly on a Friday evening which culminates in a social gathering in the club's licensed club house.  Each year a local and national charity is nominated by the members and a charity day is held to raise funds for these, since its introduction, over £10,000.00 has been raised and donated.

From these connections and the draw of the tourist attraction of the Southwest, the club is able to attract a number of friendly matches from touring / visiting clubs throughout the British Isles, in addition to the bowls clubs in the local counties of Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset.  The Plympton Club members are well known for providing a warm welcome to all other bowlers.    

Although the outdoor bowling season runs from April through to October each year, the club runs a weekly ‘Afternoon Club’ within its own licensed clubhouse on a Thursday throughout the winter months, to include Carpet Bowls, Target Bowls, Skittles, Carpet Curling and other Social events to include, bingo and quizzes. In addition, the club sports a number of bowling teams at the Plymouth Life Centre - Indoor Bowling Club leagues as well as friendly fixtures at Liskeard, Bodmin, Kingsbridge and Torquay though the winter season.

Total number of members is as follows:-

            Playing members – 102         

            Social members – 25

Each year at the start of the bowling season, the club holds an ‘Open-day’ which is advertised locally to encourage new (non-bowling) members, at this event people are invited to 'have-a-go' under supervision of the club coaches and experienced members, should they show an interest in the game, they are invited to a series of lessons carried out by our own nationally trained coaches and only on the completion of the course are they invited to join. The ‘Open Day’ has proved to be successful over the years and always increases our membership.This year we welcomed 23 new members. we have also celebrated our 60th year with various events.

The club is run by an elected management team headed by four Trustee Members with a strong self- club preserving attitude which is backed up by an equally strong membership, who participate in a number of ways to make sure that bowling club and equipment is run in an efficient and economic manner.  The management team run the club in the interest of the members and earn a modest return which is turned back into the club to satisfy its operating requirements, in addition to a sinking fund to hopefully cover unforeseen eventualities and future aspirations.

Group of members Group of members