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2016 Presentation Evening

Saltburn Bowls Club - Presentation Evening

On Saturday 15th October Saltburn Bowls Club (SBC) held its annual presentation evening at the Saltburn Cricket Club. The event, as usual, was very well attended with good ticket sales ensuring that all seats were taken in anticipation of the evening. We had bowlers and friends as well as U3A members cementing the ongoing relationship between SBC and U3A.

Starting at 7:30, with a quiz from Chris, everyone was ready at 8.00 for the presentation of trophies and prizes for the winners and runners up of this seasons internal club competitions. Presentations were made by Maureen Stainthorpe-Smith, chair of SBC, assisted by Valerie Kerr for the Billy Kerr Trophy.

Of the twenty five successful players that got prizes ten have joined SBC in recent years through the U3A link and as well as their competition success they, and others, have become full members and now play regularly for our league teams.

Our entertainment for the evening was Platinum, a local five piece band, who entertained us royally with music from an era that we all enjoyed and understood, two of the singers, Liz and Steve, also run open mike evenings at Saltburn Cons club.

In the usual tradition of fine dining we feasted on pie and mushy peas, served up piping hot and delicious, much better than anything on the Great British Menu, next year we might even invite "Aunty Liz and Uncle Phil".

By the end of the evening the dance floor was crowded with would be "Strictly" contenders having a great time.

Many thanks to all who came along, donating prizes, buying raffle tickets and we hope you all had a wonderful evening.



Club Championship              Winner - B. Binns, Runner up - Mrs C Hatfield

Club Handicap                       Winner - W. Hutchinson, Runner up - G. Wing

Veterans Cup                         Winner - Mrs R. Beadle, Runner up - Mrs V. Robinson

Mens Championship             Winner - G. Russell

Mens Handicap                      Winner - W. Hutchinson, Runner up - P. Chinn

Ladies Championship            Winner - Mrs J. Russell, Runner up - Mrs S. Hanczik

Hilda Leng Trophy                  Winner - Mrs V. Robinson & Mrs M. S-Smith, Runner up  -Mrs S. Hanczik & Mrs S Thompson

Billy Kerr Championship        Winner -Mrs J. Russell, Runner up  - Mrs P. Passman

Mike Hadlett Trophy                Winner - D. Cordell, Runner up D. Whitwell

Steve Duck Trophy                  Winner - Mrs P. Buston, Mrs C. Hatfield & B. Robinson

                                                   Runner up - W. Hutchinson, Mrs. V Robinson & Mrs J. Russell