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Victory Park Bowls Club


This year we are off to Sussex where we have 3 games planed with 7 rinks each day finishing off in Reading on the way home

What a brilliant tour this year and a massive thanks to our treasurer Mrs Heather Walker for her dedication to ensure this was as good as it could be. We had a H&H coach with us for the whole 4 days and Roger (the driver and half owner) was as professional as ever.

The weather was as good as could be expected and even better on the Saturday and there was a classic car show just 100yards from our hotel. We had a wonderful view of the pier which has been totally refurbished with just some finishing touches to be done. Eastbourne town was bustling with bank holiday visitors and the shopping centre was visited by most of us.

There was of course the odd 'you had to be there' moments and our resident entertainer Mr Bernie Howie was made aware of these and the best/funniest won an award. You need see the video of the winning entry on our gallery page. There are awards for the best winning rink and highest losing rinks and for wrong bias', the winner of the most awards this year was the lovely June Yearsley, winning no less than 3 best rinks and a wrong bias certificate. 

3 games of bowls were played in Eastbourne itself and a final game in Reading on the way home. The Reading game just happen to be the first bowling club of out ladies captain and mid week triples captain Sylvia Pearse who was captain for the day at the Sutton Bowling club and it was nice to see her meeting up with old friends and members of her past.

An absolute wonderful tour and everything so brilliantly arranged, I thank Heather Walker once again for her organising this annual event and looking forward to next year, wherever that may be.

i have added a few photos of the tour below. Please click on the photo to enlarge.

Victory Park Bowls Club ANNUAL TOUR