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League Rules for Triples


RULES 01.01.2017       

1 . All games should be played to the current rules/guidance of the Government & Bowls England

1a All rinks to count for match score (four rinks)

2 . Matches will be played over 18 ends with 2 trial ends.

3 . 1 shot on the first two ends may only be permitted under extreme circumstances e.g. poor weather conditions.

4 . Points will be awarded as follows: - winning rink 2. Drawn rink 1 each. Overall win 4. (Making 12 in total)

5 . Teams shall consist of 4 rinks of 3 players each. Each rink shall have at least 1 male & 1 female player.  Any rink that turns up to play on the day without meeting the requirements of mixed play will forfeit any points gained on that rink.

6 . If a game has to be cancelled For Any Reason it should be rescheduled as soon as possible.

7 . If it is found impossible to reschedule it then each team shall receive 4 points.

8.  If a team concedes a match then their opponents will receive 8 points.

9.  If a team withdraws from the league during the season then any points won from them by other teams will be cancelled.

10. If a match has to be abandoned through bad weather, poor light or any other reason, providing 10 ends have been played completed on each rink, then the scores will stand and a result declared. If 10 ends have not been completed then the match should be rescheduled.

11. The minimum length of jack will be in line with Bowls England Rules.

12.  Result cards to be completed by the home team, signed by both captains of the day and the result emailed to the League Secretary  ASAP.

13.   DRESS CODE whites for day matches, grey for evening matches. No sandals to be worn for any matches or competitions organised by W.M.T. League. Coloured kit may be worn only by clubs that have a registered official club strip. It is not acceptable for individuals to wear coloured kits.

14.   All bowls should be stamped & legal.

15.   It is not allowed for bowlers to play in the W.M.T. league for more than one club in any one season.

16.   Any dispute to the above rules should be made to the committee as soon as possible after the match. The decision of
  the committee on any dispute will be final.

17.   All games are to be to either start at 2-30 for day time games or  at 6-30 for evening games, unless prior agreement has been made between each club.

18.   The knock out cup games are played with two rinks playing @ home & two rinks playing away. The home team is the first team drawn to play in each section. In the event of a draw after 18 ends, then an extra end will need to be played.  The extra end will be played @ the home teams venue, & the rink that is to play the extra end is the first rink to finish the 18 ends & the home venue.

19.   If more than one club have the same number of points at the end of the season – the teams add up their home and away matches played against each other and the highest score wins the league.