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West Somerset Bowls League

Constitution and Rules

1. Name.  West Somerset Bowls League .

2. Playing Rules.  All games to be played under the laws of the sport of bowls except where varied under our own rules.

3. Constitution. The league will consist of two divisions. Division 1 and Division 2 Each division may have a maximum of twelve (12) teams. Each season 2 teams will be promoted from Division2 to Division 1 and 2 teams relegated from Division 1 to Division 2.

4. Club Teams. Each team shall consist three triples of men.

5. Time of games.  Matches will be played on Thursday evenings commencing no later than 6.30pm and after trial ends have been played. The date of the first match will be as shown on the fixtures list provided by the League Secretary.

6. Registration. Clubs will register their teams by sending their entry form and subscription to the Treasurer during the month of March.

7. Entry Fee. The Fee for each team will be £30 or as agreed at the AGM .

8 Fixtures. The Secretary will provide all fixtures for the following season by the second week in November.

9. Results. The home side is responsible for emailing the results of the match or matches to the League Secretary (alan.w00d@hotmail.co.uk ) or mobile texting to 07771930772 by Friday evening in each case. The results details should include the score on each rink, the total number of shots and match points for each team . Scorecards signed by each skip will be kept by each club for 6 months.

10. Points awarded. The winning team will be awarded 6 points plus 2points for each winning rink . In a drawn game each team will be awarded 3 points plus 2points for each winning rink. A losing team will be awarded 2 points for each winning rink. Tied rinks will be awarded 1 point.

11. League tables. The Secretary will email a copy of the league table to each club every weekend following the Thursday matches.

12. Cancellation. Cancellation will only be permitted if the green is unfit for play. Canceled matches must be rearranged a soon as possible but in any event all matches must be played by the end of August. Clubs to inform the Secretary of the re-arranged date which does not have to be tied to a Thursday evening.

13. Abandonment. Provided all rinks have played a minimum of 10 ends the result will be taken at the time of abandonment. If one or more rinks have not completed 10 ends then the match will be replayed in accordance with rule 12.

14. Prize money. Prize money will be divided as follows; Division 1 champion £300 plus trophy Division 1 runner up £100 plus trophy Division 2 champion £150 plus trophy Division 2 runner up £50 plus trophy Presentations to be made at the AGM

15 Play a. Matches will be played over 18 ends with two trial ends.
b. Rinks shall be drawn by captains . Adjacent rinks must be used or at least no play takes place on any rink between the match rinks.
c. If a player has to leave the green due to illness a substitute can be used. Where no substitute is available or where a full team is not fielded a team may play with one player short on up to 2 rinks. However with only 2 players present in one team each side will play 6 bowls per end. The team of 2 players will incur a penalty of one third of their shots scored.
d. A team of less than 7 players before or during the match shall be deemed to have failed to fulfill the fixture and rule 15 e will apply.
e. A team failing to fulfill a fixture shall be deemed to have lost by 12 points to nil and a shot difference of 10. The opposing team shall be awarded 12 points and 10 shots

Updated November 2016