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Wolsingham Parish Council

Minutes June 2015




@ 7.00 PM



PRESENT: Chair D. Sugden, Mrs. A. Savory, Mrs. M. Epsly, Mrs. J. Henderson

S. Calvert, M/s L. Richardson, G. Dixon, D.C. Pattison,




1.APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: , J. Wilson, G. Price

2.STANDING ORDERS 2010. A new more concise version of Standing Orders was presented to the meeting. The document made reference to the NALC main Standing Orders and the only difference was the payment level of £500 -£2000 for quotations, this was agreed to be amended to £1000, to coincide with Financial Regs. Agreed to adopt

3.POLICE REPORT: PCSO G. Burton gave the police report 28calls had been received, of which 2 crimes had been committed , damaged window at Barclay’s Bank and theft of diesel from a tractor.,5 road related / parking issues, ie inconsiderate parking , ASB 7 , youths meeting at railway bridge , throwing stones, vehicles revving engines, & playing football in the street. 1 suspicious activity 999 accidentally called, cold callers, and theft of ladders. There had been 2 road traffic collisions, 1 at Durham Road, and 1 at the junction of Leazes Lane and the A689,1 domestic incident reported, and 2 calls missing from home.

The PACT meeting priority had been ASB in Demesne Mill, the police had attended the site several times and nothing was untoward?

Changes to policing in Weardale: Sgt Adam Howell gave his apologies but was moving to Bp. Auckland, the new Sgt. Would be Sgt Rogers from Barnard Castle and would have a dual role in Teesdale & Weardale, two police constables would be retained, as well as two PCSO’s. Tow Law would now come under the jurisdiction of Crook.

1.MINUTES OF MEETING HELD 12TH MAY 2015, agreed and signed as a true record.

2.MATTERS ARISING: Re: Broadband Cabinet Angate Street, BT Open Reach had replied and they had liaised with the planning authority and highways, and the cabinet would not be moved.

Website HugoFox, Cllr. Sugden was in the early stages of developing the website, which was a free service to communities, and gave a demonstration on work done so far. It was agreed to further develop the website.

Draft Minutes, a written undertaken had been received from the Weardale Gazette that if draft minutes change when confirmed they would undertake to print any corrections.


1.MINUTES OF ANNUAL MEETING HELD 12th May 2015, agreed and signed as a true record.

2.MATTERS ARISING: Two flags had been order from AA Flags and they were awaiting delivery.

3.CORRESPONDENCE RECEIVED; Mr. A. Gabriele, was concerned that there may be duplication in sales , following the decision to have charity fundraising events in St. Anne’s, clerk to reply to re-assure Mr. Gabriele, and if need be, arrange a meeting to allay any concerns he may have.


1.RECREATION GROUND: Minutes of Site Meeting 19th May, agreed as a true record, most items which needed attention had been dealt with. The gate at the Family Walk next to the caravan site was still causing concern to a mobility scooter user, agreed to meet with the person and see what could be done.

Annual Playground Inspection Report, lots of minor issues raised and these had been passed to Simon Makepeace for action, agreed to have the council inspection next year after the Playground Inspectors Report was to hand.

Sunday League Football, agreed to allow, the fee to be £300 p.a., payable in two instalments.

1.ST. ANNE’S CENTRE: A builder was needed to re point part of the building, the damaged radiator panel was to be actioned by JIW Heating Services.

2.BOWLING GREEN: Following the Internal Auditors report, at least three quotations to be obtained for the autumn treatment.

3.ALLOTMENTS: Letters had been sent following the site inspection, a follow up was now necessary.

4.TOWN HALL: Tender for painting facia boards K. Fletcher & Sons, agreed to accept quotation of £250

Footpaths Definitive Map and Frame, needed refurbishment, agreed to purchase new frame.

Defibrillator, position, agreed to position near to Library door, where there was a suitable electrical connection from inside the building. Agreed to free use of Town Hall, Monday evenings for training purposes.

1.MARKET PLACE: Market Stalls, agreed to enter into consultations with the public on the issue, as a baker, ice cream vendor and fruit & veg. seller were interested in the site.


1.ANGATE STREET TOILETS: Complaint, Mrs. Ormerod, re doors request to have self closing doors, agreed to install self-closing mechanism, on door.

2.DEMESNE MILL: Joanne Davison re loud music, car doors banging, revving engines etc. The police had been informed on the problems and had been dealt with, at the PACT meeting.

The dog dispenser facility was being abused and some members of the public were taking all the available bags, and in a matter of hours the dispenser was empty, agreed to keep filling the dispenser, and to ask for only one bag to be taken at a time.

1.THORNLEY WOOD. Rachel, from the Forestry Commission would mark the trees for felling, on 8th July at 10.00 am. Contact had been made with Durham Wildlife Trust and they would arrange to visit the wood, albeit they thought it was an insignificant parcel of woodland, but would look other parcels of land in the area and the connectivity issues, particularly the redundant quarry and adjacent woodlands.

2.FOOTPATHS: PROW draft consultation for 2016 – 2018, two copies had been received and the Wayfarers were given a copy to discuss at their annual meeting.

A Slimming World banner had appeared at the railings, close to Windy Nook, clerk to speak to the coordinator to have it removed, if this fails, to report to the enforcement officer at DCC

It was reported that the Environment Agency had carried out a survey of ducks and 164 had been accounted for, there were too many ducks, the public should stop feeding them, the playground at the Willows was no longer used by children. Clerk to ascertain what the survey was about and if any action can be taken to reduce the duck population.




4.MEMBERS REQUEST: A member had been approached to try and find “work” for final year students at the primary school, to be referred to governors.

5.PLANNING: Proposed Sub Committee, agreed to terms of reference, John Byers had agreed to meet with representatives of the Parish Council Thursday 18th June at 3.30 pm at Crook.

Bernard Batson planning application Ward’s End, Tow Law covering letter/plans, passed to sub committee for consideration.

23.1 The following applications have been approved:

DM/15/00945/VOC 35, West End, VOC 2 & 4 alterations to the external appearance of the detached garage

DM/15/ 00929/VOC Vary design Plot 6, former building merchants land, Lydgate Lane,

23.2 The following application has been withdrawn



23.3 The following applications have been notified

DM/15/01618/PNT Telecommunications mast Wear’s Bank, works to existing mast, including replacement spine headframe supporting 3 no. antennas and 3 no. RRU’s and ancillary development. No objection.


1.1. Finance Reports to End May 2015 read and agreed.

2. Report from Internal Auditor, to be considered at a finance meeting to be held Tuesday 21st July at 7.00 pm at the Town Hall.

3. Annual Return Accounting Statements 2014/15, agreed and signed by the Chairman and RFO.

4. Annual Governance Statement 2014/15 agreed and signed by the Chairman and RFO.

5. Thornley Village Hall , request for funding referred to Finance meeting 21st July.