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Instruction and Safety


When members join they sign our induction form stating they are responsible for their own safety - but that doesn't mean we can't help each other become more safe in the shop. The links below provide a very useful safety briefing on what is considered by many to be the most dangerous tool in a woodworkers shop - the table saw. If you are new to our group please take time to view these programs to help familiarize yourself with this piece of machinery.


Stumpy Nubs Shop Safety Videos

Safe table saw usage  -   

Rip cuts -​

Crosscutting -

Another machine that gets a fair bit of use in the Shed is our band saw. It has become apparent that there are as many different ideas about how to set this machine up as there are members :) .  Mike Thorpe spotted the following YouTube video which provides an easy guide to setting up a band saw.

Alex Snodgrass Band saw videos

Band Saw Clinic -

Chris Tribe, a well known furniture maker and woodworking teacher in Ilkley entered semi-retirement this year and has no uploaded a series of woodworking videos on his website. I have found Chris' courses quite useful over the past several years - many of you may be aware I recently attended one of his courses to build a work bench.