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Alton Men's Shed



Often when people retire, they suddenly find themselves at home with no involvement, commitment, or friendships like those they had at work.  Retirees have a wealth of life experiences and skills which can be put to great use even in retirement.  

Are you locking yourself away in your shed at the bottom of the garden?  
Is your daily routine simply gardening or sitting in front of the TV?  
Are you getting under your partner's feet or living on your own these days?
Or are you a younger person who needs to get out and do something practical?

Men's sheds were originally set up in Australia to bring men together to share their life skills with each other, teach each other new skills, socially do things together for themselves or the community as volunteers.  Women have also become involved.

We have our initial Men's Shed in Alton and are actively looking to develop the facilities. We invite you to become involved as much or as little as you wish.  Teach younger folk your trade, become part of a project team, or simply come along and socialize initially while deciding what you would like to do.  
Call us on 01420 85419 or email us alton.mensshed@gmail.com


HOW do we communicate with members?

  • Our preferred method is to communicate using Email, 
  • For those with mobile phones we are happy to send brief SMS messages
  • For those not comfortable with modern technology, we can arrange to call your home phone line
  • To avoid the cost of postage, we are reluctant to post out literature, but may be able to drop it off.

WHAT type of communications will you receive?

  • Invitations to meetings & requests to help with your skills
  • Information about projects & teams
  • Information about activities at the Shed
  • Invitations to Shed social functions


HOW can I explore Alton Men's Shed Membership?

  • Email us at alton.mensshed@gmail.com
  • Call Ian on 01420 83870
  • Come along to our next meeting (See Events List on this web site)


DO I need to be an expert or skilled in something?

  • NO
  • Alton Men's Shed is open to all (18+) who have an interest in volunteering on community projects
  • The Shed is a place to meet and enjoy working together with other like minded folk
  • Members will mentor each other to develop new interests and skills


DO I need to pay membership fees?

  • YES - 2016/ 2017 Subscription for 12 months is £30
        - A single payment is preferred, but talk confidentially with the Treasurer if this is a problem
  • As this is a new Shed we have yet to establish our operating costs
         - subscriptions may be adjusted each year at the AGM in May
  • No attendance fees are charged, but nominal donations towards the cost of tea, coffee & biscuits is expected
  • For insurance purposes, active participants in the shed MUST BE FULLY PAID UP MEMBERS
  • Prospective members are welcome to observe activities & meetings to determine their future interest in membership
  • Shed tools, equipment and mentoring will be freely available.  Donations of tools & consumables are always welcome
  • Personal consumables will be your own cost.  Donated consumables will be available to members for use in the shed
  • Sponsored project consumables will be funded by the Shed or through an arrangement with a client or third party


HOW does the Shed idea work?

  • We have only a small premises from which to operate, and must be specific on the opening hours
  • The premises have access or noise restrictions which limit the opening hours
  • Typically we open about three times a week - mornings seem most popular
  • Projects may not be an activity that occurs at the Shed, but on a site in the Alton area
  • Personal projects can be pursued in small groups with other Shed members in the Shed
  • Nobody will be permitted to work unaccompanied in the Shed for health and safety reasons
  • Each member will be required to demonstrate competence on each item of equipment before use


What level of involvement will be expected of me?

  • In general any member is able to be involved at the level of their own choosing, whether they want to learn a new skill or share their skills with others as a mentor,  or to be  a general ‘dogs body’ just helping out etc.   
  • As members you will have the choice to do as much or as little as you wish
  • You can become involved in a variety of community projects - just let us know you are interested in these.  They will be listed on the Shed notice board, and discussed at Shedders general meetings.


How are sessions supervised?

  • Every session will be supervised by an adequately qualified person for the tasks being undertaken
  • All activities will have been risk assessed and appropriate health & safety precautions established
  • Personal emergency medical details will be defined by you and kept in a sealed envelope until required.
  • All attendees will sign in, and provide an emergency contact telephone number
  • Arrangements have been made with both local health centres for use of their minor injury services
  • All facilities must be left as you would expect to find them, in a tidy clean state
  • All combustable materials (sawdust, shavings,etc) must be removed from site at the end of the session  


Is there a shed nearer me?

If you feel there might be a shed closer to your home, check out the link below



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