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Registered Charity No. 1174510

Our vision for Alton Men’s Shed is that this group of mainly men with a range of skills.  Although we have been invited to undertake several larger projects, the limitations of our small workshop mean that we will require larger premises to pursue them, which we are constantly in search of..  

As men generally don’t make a fuss about their problems, these problems are often ignored or swept under the carpet.  The Men’s Shed concept aims to address these issues for older men.  Twenty years ago men retired and very quickly expired, but that isn’t so true today, although boredom, depression, loneliness, or bereavement can still impact the retirement years.  It’s time to try and change this by a community initiative that can improve the physical, and psychological well-being of the whole person, allowing retirement to be a joy, with the benefit of helping others. A major boost to mental health with  a sense of belonging and involvement.

The idea of a Men’s Shed, is something that is a catalyst to get retired men of all backgrounds, no exclusions, involved in their own well-being as well as feeling they can still be a participant in the community, whilst forming new friendships and camaraderie together.
We have been established  since 2016, with our first Self Build Men's Shed in Queens Road, Alton, GU34 1HU. (In the Car Park of the All Saints Parish Hall)

If you are interested in learning more about the Men's Shed movement, you can either contact us on our email:, or Google UK Men's Shed Association for a wider appreciation