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Recording Comp. Results

Basingstoke & District Bowling Association Recording Comp. Results


For the 1st match played in each Competition, except the singles, novice singles and Champion of Champions, I need to see the Match Card (a scanned copy will suffice) or email the names of the winning team members

These names will constitute the Team for the rest of the competition but should any substitutes be used during subsequent rounds I must be notified of the name of the substitute and the substituted player. (only 1 substitute per team is permitted).

Match results must be recorded as soon as possible after being played and no later than midday on the day after the Play By or Play On date.  NOTE: Play ON dates may be played earlier by mutual agreement by both teams.

Results, and any substitutions, can be notified to me by either:-

email (Preferred method) to


or by telephone to Wendy Taylor at           07444 971811

You do not need to send in cards, or copies, after the 1st Round played, but please keep all Match Cards in case of any dispute, when they may be required as proof of the match result.

Please also be aware of BDBA Rules 15 and 16

15. Mobile Phone

All use of mobile phones or electronic devices during B.D.B.A. Competitions and league games is banned.

If this rule is breached, the team or player will be given one warning.

If repeated, in a competition they will forfeit the game, in a league game they will have 1 point deducted.

16. Dress Code

Players should present themselves for play wearing grey/white, bowls designed or tailored trousers, or grey/white bowls designed or tailored shorts. Any player presenting themselves for play in any other colour or design of trousers/shorts(e.g. Cargo/football style etc.) Will not be allowed to play.

The wearing of white over trousers for inclement weather is permitted but does not overrule the requirement for the correct attire under these garments as specified.

Good Bowling

Basingstoke & District Bowling Association Recording Comp. Results