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Day 1


1. Though London’s famous clock tower itself is sometimes called Big Ben , what does the name actually refer to?

2. Who played the US president in Mars Attacks?

3. What was the name of the US operation in which German scientists were recruited from Nazi Germany?

4. What is anthropophagy more commonly known as?

5. The fibres of which plant are used to make linen?

6. Which Olympic throwing event isn’t one of the ten in the decathlon?

7. The Trans-Siberian Railway runs from Vladivostok to which other Russian city?

8. In which US state is South Park set?

9. To whom did Anne Frank address most of her diary entries?

10. Whose autobiography is titled Moab is My Washpot?

11. A “cackle” is the appropriate name for a group of which kind of animal?

12. Which Formula 1 driver has entered power boat and snowmobile races - against the wishes of his team - using the pseudonym James Hunt?

Answers tomorrow