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Day 10

Answers to Day 9

1. Feet

2. Argon

3. Jessica Fletcher

4. A Crozier

5. Vietnam

6. Morpheus

7. Simon and Garfunkel in 1968

8. Featherweight

9. Mother of Pearl

10. Newton and Ridley

11. Yellow

12. Horses

Todays Quiz Below


1. Where is the Royal Navy Officer Training School?

2. What is the best-selling book in the USA after the Holy Bible?

3. Who had a hit single in the 1960's with 'Light My Fire'?

4. In which ocean are the Cape Verde Islands?

5. How many bones are there in the human body?

6. What is the Lonicera plant commonly known as?

7. 'Rule Britannia' is the work of which composer?

8. What does a 'vigneron' cultivate?

9. Which creature in Greek mythology was half-man and half-bull?

10. The Battle of Alma was fought during which war?

11. How much does Michael Henchard sell his wife and daughter for in Thomas Hardy's novel The Mayor of Casterbridge?

12. What are the two ingredients in a Rusty Nail cocktail?

Answers Tomorrow