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Day 16

Answers to Day 15

1. Aglet

2. The Gobi Desert (500,000 sq miles)

3. Gardens

4. David Hockney

5. Six-Five Special

6. Colchester

7. A Striptease Artist

8. Beetroot

9. Iceland

10. Anthony Blunt

11. Salisbury and Lincoln

12. Fourteen

Todays Quiz Below


1. What famous landmark was moulded in gold during a bullion robbery in the 1951 film The Lavender Hill Mob?

2. Who was known as the Sun King?

3. Who was the first American in space?

4. How many players are there in an Australian Rules football team (on the field at the same time)?

5. Who invented the elevator in 1853?

6. At which ski resort would you see the Cresta Run?

7. n which English county is Scotney Castle?

8. White Lion pubs are named after which English King's heraldic symbol?

9. What is the mouthpiece of a recorder called?

10. In which month is St Swithin's Day?

11. What every-day item was named after Mrs Gamp in Charles Dickens' Martin Chuzzlewit?

12. In what year did the USA adopt the Stars and Stripes flag?

Answers Tomorrow