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Day 21

Answers to Day 20

1. Japan (The Suntory Distillery)

2. Brains

3. The Imam

4. A Type of Pocket Watch

5. The National Trust

6. Seven

7. 190 feet (58 metres)

8. Henando Cortez

9. Monrovia

10. 30th November

11. A Card Game

12. France

Todays Quiz Below


1. Who was the first Tudor King of England?

2. What colour is the gemstone kunzite?

3. What title, from French/Italian/Arabic etymology meaning trench/spadework/tunnel, is commonly held by a non-ranking soldier in an engineer regiment?

4. In what year was the Sex Discrimination Act passed in the UK?

5. What word represents the letter J in the UK Police radio communications?

6. Tanner was the slang term for which pre-decimal British coin?

7. What colour berets do the New York City crime-fighters the 'Guardian Angels' wear?

8. Eddie Shah's 1988 newspaper 'Post' folded after how many issues?

9. During the siege of which African city did General Gordon die?

10. Which artist's autobiography is titled 'Exploration of the Soul'?

11. What type of creature is a gadwall?

12. What date of the year is Burns Night?

Answers Tomorrow