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Day 9

Answers to Day 8

1. Boy George

2. Lithium

3. Iota

4. The Assassination of John F Kennedy

5. 212 Degrees

6. Four

7. The Stirrup (in the ear)

8. Water

9. Seventeen

10. Alfred Lord Tennyson (1850 - 1892)

11. Fulham (formed in 1879)

12. Arthur Miller

Todays Quiz Below


1. If a creature is 'opodous', what has it not got?

2. What chemical element has the atomic number 18?

3. What is the name of the character played by Angela Lansbury in 'Murder, She Wrote' ?

4. What is the name of the hooked staff carried by a bishop called?

5. In which war was Agent Orange used by the USA?

6. Who was the Greek God of dreams?

7. Which American duo released an album titled Bookends?

8. What was boxer Barry McGuigan's weight division?

9. What is 'nacre' commonly known as?

10. What is the fictional brewery associated with the Rovers Return pub in TV's Coronation Street serial?

11. What colour is the Mr Men character Mr Happy?

12. What does a hippophobic fear?

Answers Tomorrow