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Day 12

Answers to Day 11

1. Quentin Blake

2. Seven

3. Geoffrey Chaucer

4. Epsilon

5. Jim Davidson

6. Diners Club

7. The Andes (7240km)

8. Plum

9. Ramsey Macdonald

10. Franz Hals

11. Hank Marvin

12. Arrow

Todays Quiz Below


1. With what is Earl Grey tea flavoured?

2. What number is a hurricane on the Beaufort Scale?

3. Who directed the film 'Alien' ?

4. Which MP was killed by an INLA terrorist bomb in the House of Commons car park in 1979?

5. Which English Cathedral has the highest spire?

6. When is Bastille day celebrated?

7. What is the capital of Tasmania?

8. What does a 'spelunker' explore?

9. Golda Meir was the famous female prime minister of which country?

10. n which US city was the first Gap store opened?

11. From what is an 'atoll' formed?

12. What alkali metalic element, named after Latin for red, has the symbol Rb?

Answers tomorrow