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New Button Family Memorial Bench

By Sue Tasker Bredgar Parish Council

Wednesday, 1 March 2017


For the Button family


The memorial bench has been commissioned by the remaining two members of
the Button family, Sue and Mike, who have so many great memories of Bredgar
and its villagers. They hope that everyone enjoys using the bench, with its
wonderful view of the pond and Chantry House.

The Button family have had very close ties to the village of Bredgar since
the snowy spring of 1963, when they rented 'Thatchers' from Royal Naval
friends. In 1971, before Jack retired from the Royal Navy, he and Margaret
chose to return to Bredgar permanently and moved into 'Primrose House'
which they redesigned and renovated into a family home from three existing

Jack, Margaret and Dave, became very involved in lots of clubs, and
organisations based in the village. Jack became president of Bredgar
Cricket Club in the early 70’s and continued to play in the team for many
seasons; if he wasn’t playing he would be watching, or doing something
behind the scenes, such as coaching the colts. Dave gained his umpiring
qualifications and also “stood” as umpire for many years. Margaret, best
known as Maggie, loved her short mat bowls, and participated
enthusiastically and competitively. For a number of years she also helped
run the then named “Derby and Joan Club" in the village. Jack was also the
chairman of the Parish Council for an impressive number of years. He was
instrumental in securing the future of the village school, and in the big
village pond clean up both he and Dave were pictured in the local paper
thigh deep in sticky mud!

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