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THE BROOMFIELD CLUB  (founded 1952)

formerly The Broomfield Football Club, founded 1911

Prior to 1952, there was situated at 85a Hedge Lane, Palmers Green, a large (rather noisy) engineering factory and foundry that specialised in making enamelled metal signs. With the introduction of more modern materials and technical skills there became less and less demand for these signs, and the factory closed down. On the site adjacent to the factory there was a sports club for their staff. This sports club – a bowling green, two hard tennis courts and a clubhouse – was sold to the local council who then put the lease out to tender.

Councillor Will Warren, who was president of The Broomfield Football Club at that time, was also a member of the council and one time Mayor of the Borough. He is thought to have been instrumental in obtaining the lease for Broomfield. The men of the Football Club had no clubhouse of their own, so they added the sports of Bowls and Tennis to their activities and became The Broomfield Club.

The factory site was cleared and we now have as our neighbours the flats at Mintern Close.  Over the years there have been many alternations and improvements to the clubhouse and the sporting facilities at the ground.

Since 1952 the Club has prospered due very largely to many excellent Presidents and Officers who have worked devotedly in the club’s interest.

The Bowls Section has flourished and can proudly ‘boast’ of many prestigious successes in competitions up to County and National levels. The club has also, over the years, gained a very good reputation for its hospitality and social events.  A Ladies Bowls Section was formed in 1965 and their members too have achieved a high standard of success in County and National competitions. The Ladies have contributed a great deal to the ‘bonhomie’ that exists in the club, and in the year 2000 we had our first Lady President.

In recent years there has been more ‘mixed’ bowling. In 2003 the Ladies and Gents Bowls Sections amalgamated and a joint committee was formed.