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Have Your Say

Buses in Fleet Have Your Say

The fundamental key to help shape the future and successful growth of bus services depends with the interaction, involvement and feedback from local people. 

Encouraging, collecting and collating feedback has become a fundamental and growing aim for our group.

The more engagement we can encourage, the better the chance we have to help influence decisions to help increase the popularity of our local bus services. 

This is what you had to say:

Reading Buses Route Tiger 7 (Fleet - Reading) suspended until further notice. 

Since the announcement of the suspension of this service we have received an update from Reading Buses with more details concerning their decision, as follows: 

"The closure of the road between Hartley Wintney and Fleet for three months from this week may sadly be the final straw for the ongoing viability of the tiger 7. The closure introduces a very lengthy diversion and removes our ability to serve any of Fleet apart from the railway station within the normal timetable. Hampshire County Council are not willing to coordinate a shuttle bus with the organisation responsible for the roadworks to help keep the isolated communities connected – something that we would expect them to do as part of their responsibility as the Highway Authority.

Being such a long term closure we feel that the absence of service from Fleet will do irreparable damage to the already fragile patronage – the tiger’s recovery from Covid was already well below average. As it is a one vehicle operation with five trips a day there are no sensible alternatives. Any extension to cover more of Fleet would make journey times extremely long and require a frequency reduction to less than five journeys a day to fit within the same resource, and the remaining section of route doesn’t carry enough people to support the whole running cost without the contribution that passengers from Fleet made.

In a situation where we are also short of staff due to both the follow-on from the HGV situation and Omicron, we have taken the decision to suspend the service to allow us to focus on more heavily used services. I cannot guarantee that the service will ever be restored given the damage that the suspension will do to patronage. 

We will be going around the route updating our roadside publicity as best we can. I would however add that the roadworks mean that in theory none of the bus stops in Fleet other than the railway station are currently being served anyway!

Robert Williams
Chief Executive Officer
Reading Buses


If you have been affected by the suspension of this service please contact us with your story as we would like to include your story within our website and forward your message to Hampshire County Council.


Transport for the Elderly

I find the transport here quite inadequate for the needs of the elderly people living on the Grange Estate, Church Crookham, Hampshire. 

Trouble starts here when a bus stop has no shelter or seats for the elderly and then the scheduled bus does not come and/ or is very late. There are no ways to know what is happening as there is in other parts of the country where there are digital boards telling you exactly how long you must wait . We only have this at the stop near the Hart Centre. 

There is a Communicare Bus to help those who no longer can walk to the bus stop. But not many people know about this on the Grange.

The real trouble for the people on the Grange comes when the individual person finds themselves unable to drive a car  and must get to the Frimley Park Hospital, a GP or the Aldershot Centre for Health or even Farnham hospital.  This becomes a nightmare especially when infirmity has already taken its toll.  Unfortunately, this will come to all of us on the Grange. 

I picked up an old man in my car who had been standing at the bus stop for 45 minutes outside the Grange to go to Farnborough to catch a bus to the Aldershot centre for Health.  He had left home around 10 am to get to an appointment at 2.15 . It took me 14 minutes by car to drop him off. The man already had aching legs. At least it was not pouring with rain. 

I spoke to the residents in my road and not one knew how the buses work or how one gets around without a car or taxi even though many do not have a car. They rely on the goodness of others or spend on a taxi.  

So something needs to be done. And here are a few suggestions:-

  1. Large black type on all communications. We don’t see well so will ignore light small type.
  2. Large posters telling us all the ways of getting to and from the High street and the hospitals and GPs.  Many don’t know if there is any help whatsoever.
  3. Meetings from council etc in the day time where we can actually support the meetings and not in the evenings. Preferably on the Grange. 
  4. Communications must be sent to every household in large black type as many people do not walk up to the Office or notice board. 
  5. It is no use asking people to register on line when they don’t have access or knowledge of the internet.
  6. We understand that the reasons for cutting our bus services was the financial implications and so we are prepared to pay for our fare if it would make our journeys easier, better and quicker. 

Once we have a good place to collect together to get a bus we could also maybe like to get back to having a bus once a week to Basingstoke.

This was wonderful. We arrived at the Mall and could spend half a day around the shops and have lunch and then return on the bus just outside. It was only for a short time and only a few of us knew about it but it was cut.  It was a way for us to enjoy ourselves.  Pity it is no longer with us. 


I hope this helps you to understand the needs of the community in the Grange Estate. 


A resident from the Grange Estate


If you would like to ‘Have your say’  please contact us.