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In-house Competitions

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1. All games must be played by the due date (as per the draw sheets).

2. Where a game is not played by the due date, the committee will make a decision based on the following:

    a) Where it has been deemed that 3 different dates and times have been offered by one player and the      opponent has failed to agree one of them, the player offering the date/time will be awarded the match.

    b) Where both players have failed to agree a time/date, the awarded winning player will be based on the toss of a coin.

    c) In the case of any dispute, the committee will make a decision based on the facts and their decision will be final.

3. Players must arrange their own markers/referees for singles games.

4. Matches up to and including semi-final must be played from the river end to the home changing room.

5. The finals will be played from the pavilion to the car park.

6. The results of matches played must be posted on the draw sheets after each game.

7. The schedule for the finals to be played on Friday 23rd September & Saturday 24th September will be posted after all semi-finals have been concluded.

On behalf of the Committee,

Phil Edwards, Club Secretary.