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Club History

Our headquarters since formation in 1926 have always been The Grove, High Street, Carshalton, Surrey.

To determine how The Grove came to have a bowling green (and be a park and leisure centre) we have to go back to 1888.  This was when Samuel Barrow (Junior) as he was then known, lived in The Grove Mansion, which was set in extensive grounds.  To make it even more extensive he bought up Wandle Mount (alias "Irish Yard", a slum) and part of this area is where he built a skittle alley.  This alley is now the Grove Hall, currently be considered of major refurbishment, but in the past used for numerous club functions including cheese and wine parties, President's Day and Whist Drives.

Samuel Barrow was a tanner and leather dresser with the family business in Bermondsey.  This was the Limited Company of Barrow, Hepburn & Gale Ltd., which became one of the largest English companies in the leather industry.  During the 1914 - 18 war Samuel Barrow became extremely wealthy and acquired a Knighthood from Lloyd George.

So "Sir"  Samuel Barrow continued on at The Grove (with his own cricket team and skittle alley) until 1920's by which time he lost all the money he had made and more besides! He was forced to sell The Grove which was snapped up by Carshalton Urban District Council who developed it into a leisure centre, with tennis courts, cricket pitch and children playground.

Because of the Councils fortunate action The Grove escaped the fate of the beautiful Carshalton Park on the other side of the High Street. This was carved up for housing development, then becoming more required due to the extension of the London Underground in 1926.

Commuters settled into the area and it was probably not coincidence that a meeting was held at 50 High Street, Carshalton, the intention of the meeting being to form a 'Bowls Club for bowlers using the green in The Grove, Carshalton' (quote from the original minutes). 

The Club Badge. Shows a Tudor rose the symbol of the Urban District Council prior to 1952. From the crown rose a swan. The swan is based on the Bohun Swan and from the heraldic of the Bohun family badge used widely on badges. In the swan's beak was a sprig of beech symbolising Carshalton Beeches an area south of here, named after Beeches Avenue that was lined with Beech trees.

Some of the key moments follow, extracted from retained minutes. They make interesting reading.

1927 Six dozen shield design metal badges, blue enamel with gold monogram CBS, purchased at a total cost of £4.10s.0d (£4.50)

1928 Major C.P. Lovecock elected as the first President. He retired through ill health in January 1929 and was replaced by E.C. Slade-Jones who remained in office for many years.

1929 An official “Chief Whip” was appointed to chase up members to encourage them to play in matches.

1930 Club Constitution and rules formulated. Complaints made to the Council about uneven and bumpy condition of the green, who replied that £50 could be spent to make it 100% better.

1931 Green still bad and all home matches cancelled until the end of June.

1932 Decision to wear blazers with badges for matches.

1933 Green still in poor condition but Council refuse to relay it. Despite this the club won 12 out of its 17 matches.

1934 Carshalton Ladies Club formed. Rosehill added to the fixture list.

1935 Decision taken that dress for matches should be white trousers and blue blazers. Council at last agree to new green and the present green with 1 foot square turfs in Cumberland grass by a Scottish firm.

1936 S.E. (Stan) Mayley joined the club.

1937 A flag pole was erected. Mellows Park were added to the fixture list.

1938 F. Basham wins his Surrey badge.

1939 A. (Bert) Ford wins Surrey secretaries competition.

1943 Membership reaches peak – 80.

1975 Desmond Hall elected President of Sutton & District Bowling Association.

1976 Golden Jubilee week (21-27 June)

1978 Club split by differing views on league bowls causing a considerable loss in both strength and numbers.

1979 Semi finalists in the Yonwin Cup.

1986 Diamond Jubilee year.

1993 Stan Mayley receives Surrey Leopard Award for his outstanding service to bowls.

1995 Perhaps our proudest year and greatest achievement – Winners of the Tons Trophy.

2000 Single club formed - Inaugural General Meeting endorsed a new club constitution bringing the ladies and gentlemen under one set of rules. Ken Shopland was the first President elected.

2003 After many years of negotiation the council, with £16,000 from club funds, started the refurbishment of the clubhouse.

2004 New lease signed with council.

2006 Following a drop in membership and increased lease fee costs it was agreed to give up the lease .

2011 Cheam and Mellows Park close. Most of the Mellows members (30) agree to join Carshalton in 2012 securing its future.

2013 The men's section won the Tons and Sutton & Epsom Bowls Leagues

2016 The men's section won the  Sutton & Epsom Bowls Leagues

2017 The men's section won the  Sutton & Epsom Bowls Leagues

2018 The ladies won the Croydon & District League

2019 Colin Homes becomes County Administrator