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Jeff Davies, Chair

Shirley and I have enjoyed living in Chadwick End since 2002 and as a Parish Councillor I look forward to being involved in its future development. The bulk of my working life was spent in the Banking Industry and latterly 13 years as Bursar at Arden School in Knowle. Interests include voluntary work, playing tennis and racketball, gardening and watching my football team, Sheffield Wednesday. We have 2 children Carolyn and James who both live locally.

Andrew Taylor, Vice Chair

I moved to Chadwick End in January 2020 and live with my fiancée Fionuala and her two adult sons. We have all enjoyed the move here and really value the village life hence why I am keen to get involved with the Parish Council to support and give something back to the community. I hope to live here for many years and look forward to being an active member of the council. By profession I work in Banking and am also a Chartered Director. 

Rachael Molitor, Councillor

Having lived in Chadwick End since 2016, I have thoroughly enjoyed the incredible community feel this village offers. As well being a Parish Councillor for Chadwick End, I have a wide diversity of professional attributes that keep me busy in my personal and professional life. In addition to being the village “resident” Personal trainer, running individual, group and bootcamp sessions, I am a behavioural psychologist and lecturer for Coventry University.

I love everything this village has to offer, the wonderful people, the kind hearted community, and the incredible walks and country routes that I take each day with my beagle. I hope that my time given to the parish council supports the individual, group and community initiatives that we need to make the village a vibrant and positive place to live. 

Gemma Smith, Councillor

I have lived in the village with my husband and dogs since 2003. We are very fortunate to have wonderful neighbours in the village, it was this that made me want to be involved with the Parish Council. I’m very passionate about where we live, my neighbours, friends and our surroundings, I very much look forward to engaging with the community and bringing some new fresh ideas that I hope all in the Parish will benefit from. Professionally I work in dental healthcare and as sales/accounts co-ordinator within the electrical wholesale industry. Personally I enjoy running and walking the dogs  as well as socialising in our lovely eating and drinking establishment locally.

Duncan Mathison, Councillor

I moved to the village in 2011.  My wife and I both grew up in Solihull and having lived in a few other places are happily settled back in this area.  We came here to be able to enjoy a little more space, fresh air and peace and quiet.  I work full-time in a Business Planning role but am happy to use a bit of my spare time to try and have a positive impact on our community, and I gain a lot personally through meeting other volunteers.

Kerry Finlayson, Parish Clerk

I joined the Parish Council in November 2018. I live in Coventry with my 3 teenage children, Romy, Freddie & Alfie.

If you would like to get in touch, please email me at This is a part time post and I work 4 hours per week at various times so please be patient as you may not receive an immediate response.