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Speed Watch

Speedwatch in Chadwick End

The Warwick Road through Chadwick End is a busy commuter route and also leads to the M42, the M40 and mainline railway stations. Therefore, it takes a lot of traffic at all times of the day.  Over the years the speed limit has been reduced in order to try to slow down this traffic through the village.  The speed limit all along Warwick Road in Chadwick End is now 30 mph.  Unfortunately, many drivers choose to ignore this limit and drive at speeds well in excess of it; the majority range between 40 and 55 mph. The fastest recorded by the Speedwatch Team is 79 mph!

The Speedwatch Team in Chadwick End was formed over several years ago. We are trained and act under the guidance of West Midlands Police (WMP) at all times.  The equipment we use is also kindly supplied by WMP.  The main equipment is a hand held speed recording device that will record vehicle speeds approaching and moving away.

The team are currently operating one session per month but hope to increase this soon. Poor weather and visibility are the reasons that sessions cannot take place, especially during Autumn and Winter months.  We need at least 2 team members to run a session, ideally 3 and it lasts up to an hour.  One operates the device with the others recording details of the offending vehicles.  These details are passed onto WMP who check the vehicle on the Police National Computer before issuing letters to the registered owners of the vehicles.  For more serious cases, usually in excess of 60 mph, WMP may speak to the vehicle owner by phone or even a visit by a Police Officer.

The Team is always looking to recruit new volunteers.  So if you are interested and want to know more, please contact Andrew Taylor at