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East Thame Residents Association (ETRA) was set up in 2011 with the aim of giving local residents a greater voice in shaping the town and local area for the better.  Thame is a great place to live and we aim to preserve it's unique character and make it even better by working with the Town Council and other Residents Associations on planning issues.

We also get involved on traffic and parking issues and maintenance of our local environment.  Essentially, our aim is to make East Thame and the whole Town a better place to live.

Everyone who lives in the East Thame area is a member of ETRA, we'd be thrilled if you get in touch or sign-up to our email circulation list. 

How to have your say on the future of Thame

Given the inevitable development that will occur in Thame in the near future, it's critical you have your say in how our town develops and grows in the future.  These simple steps will help residents of East Thame have their say:

1)  Sign up to our email circulation list so we can keep you informed on potential planning developments.

2)  Provide input and express your views on local and town plans when they open for public consultation.  These plans dictate how many homes will be built in Thame and where they be built.  Don't worry we can advise how you do this!

3)  Comment on local planning applications when they are open for public consultation. Again we can help you do this.