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Town Council Consultation Threatens Colossal 15 Hectare Industrial Estate off Bypass

By Sue Gilbert East Thame Residents Association

Monday, 20 December 2021


East Thame Residents Association Contributor


Thame Town Council have opened a new public consultation on proposed development sites today that runs until 31st January 2022. Unfortunately, the proposal includes a colossal 15-hectare employment site on fields that lie adjacent and behind Windles/Groves and up to Towersey Road. The District Council only require Thame to provide 3.5 hectares of new employment space and so it seems the proposers of this plan are intent on industrialising the East Thame area, favouring developers’ ambitions over residents’ wellbeing.

To put the size of the area proposed into context, 15 hectares is:

  • Over 4 times the size of the Windles/Groves site
  • Over 4 times the space mandated in the District Council’s plan
  • Equivalent to about 30 football pitches

Warehouses of a comparable size would typically provide 150+ HGV bays and operate day/night. Despite residents voicing concerns about the proximity of the site to residential homes and the impact such development would have on residents, this has not been reflected in the Council’s plan. Unfortunately, the Council seem to have little regard for residents.

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