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East Thame Targeted under TNP(2)

By Sue Gilbert East Thame Residents Association

Saturday, 14 August 2021


East Thame Residents Association Contributor


The Town Council is now working on a 2nd Thame Neighbourhood Plan (TNP2). The most significant challenge for which, will be the need to identify additional land for development. South Oxfordshire District Council’s Local Plan states that a minimum of 339 new homes need delivering in Thame, along with a minimum of 3.5 hectares of employment land as well as space for new retail uses.

Planning consultants working on behalf of the Town Council have identified potential sites for the additional housing and employment space and are now obliged to consult the public on these proposals.

The Planning Consultants essentially recommended that all the employment space should be allocated to the East Thame area opposite the Pickenfield residential area.

38% (129/339) houses are also due to be built in the East Thame area on the DAF site.

What Residents Can Do?

Given the lack transparency and the disproportionate negative effect these site recommendations could have on residents living in East Thame, we urge you to voice your concerns. Please go to one of the consultation days if you can and provide feedback to the Town Council on these site recommendations via their survey. Link provided below.

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