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Thought for Today

by Revd Mandy Cartwright

16th May - 7th Sunday of Easter

The Sunday after Ascension Day

Who saw the “Twister” in the skies above East Trent on Wednesday evening? I didn’t see it, but I know it was spotted above Collingham, Girton and Clifton. Cloud formations, especially when high winds whip them into strange shapes, capture our imaginations and speak to our hearts don’t they? No wonder that wind and clouds are used to describe what God is doing in the Bible. I do wonder if it’s a coincidence that a small tornado travelled across our skies the evening before Ascension Day and turned our attention to heaven. When Jesus ascended to heaven, his disciples watched him disappearing into cloud, and they were left to wait and pray for the promised gift of Holy Spirit. This week, between Ascension and Pentecost, is a special time for prayer.

Why not take some time each day this week to pray an extra prayer? You can pray the Lord’s Prayer if you like, and simply ask God for the gift of Holy Spirit, who helps us understand and gives us gifts for the sake of the church. This is the best gift we can ever have.