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New Facility Development

New Sports Centre for Fleckney

The Parish Council has decided in principle to replace the ageing Sports Centre on the Leicester Road Recreation Ground.

The existing Sports Centre was built in the mid nineteen eighties and whilst   still serviceable, is now old and tired leading to increased running costs and repair bills year on year as well as not providing an attractive and welcoming facility for the local community to use. As the community grows, it is envisaged there will be a greater need for increased indoor space in order to run a more varied range of activities and events.


Sports, fitness and leisure activities play a fundamental role in the health and wellbeing of residents and the Parish Council wants to ensure it plays it to part in supporting a healthier and more active community.

What will the new facility achieve?

  • It will provide a fully disability friendly, high-quality, fit for purpose facility for residents to use for today and the foreseeable future.
  • It will focus on continually meeting local needs and creating local ownership whilst developing partnership opportunities in order to reduce the levels of subsidy.
  • It will support the improvement of the health and wellbeing of residents.
  • It will support the resilience of the local community through providing a welcoming, attractive and safe environment for participants.

What will the new facility will provide?

  • A three badminton court size sports hall including an auditorium provision with seating and a mobile stage,
  • A state of the art twenty five station fitness suite,
  • A fitness studio,
  • A function room.
  • Changing facilities.
  • Welcoming entrance, reception and community area.

The facility will cater for individuals, groups, organisations and clubs and will offer a wide range of activities such as badminton, basketball, volleyball, indoor football, martial arts, boxing, dance, gymnastics, carpet bowls, handball, indoor cricket, indoor athletics, short tennis, indoor rounders, judo, yoga, tai chi and many more.

The auditorium will provide a state of the art facility for live theatre and shows to take place as well as such events as film nights, craft markets and conferences. 

Suzanne Wyche, Fleckney Parish Council Chairman, said “It is important that any plans are value for money and realistic. The Parish Council has put a side funds for this project and external funding sources are also being explored. This new facility will be a flexible space that will provide opportunities for local residents for generations to come.”