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Short Mat Bowls


In the spring of 2019, the club was able to purchase a mat for Short Mat Bowls, and earlier modifications to the internal layout of the clubhouse gave us the space to use it.  At the end of the summer outdoor playing season, we moved indoors and began regular Short Mat sessions.  These continued through the winter months with around 10 regular players, until the Covid-19 lockdown forced us to close.

Restarting Short Mat play

Now that our (short) summer season has ended, we are able to re-start Short Mat sessions, subject to the COVID-19 COMPLIANCE GUIDELINES FOR SHORT MAT BOWLS.  All players must comply with these guidelines, and must book a session through this website before turning up at the clubhouse.

Booking a session

*** Although the national restrictions (the second lockdown) were lifted on 2nd December, we have subsequently been placed under Tier 2 restrictions.  As these do not allow us to play Short Mat Bowls indoors, all booking dates have been removed from the Eventbrite ticketing system until further notice. ***

You can book a Short Mat Bowls session by clicking on this link to the Eventbrite ticketing system and following the instructions on the screen.


Friary Bowling Club Short Mat Bowls