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Singles Competitions

with President Audrey Sitch with President Audrey Sitch

Resuts of Finals Day Ties, hosted at Bridgemary BC on Fri 05 Aug & Saturday 06 August:

  • Audrey Pearce Cup: Sheila Gentry (Lee) 21-11 Mandy Wilde (Gos)

  • Masterman Cup: Bob Scottow (Far) 22-20 Brian Shakespeare (Far)

  • Presidents' Shield: Richard Mitchell (Cro) 21-15 Keith Allen (Lee)

  • Secretaries'/Treasurers' Cup: Kim Francis-Ellis (Lee) 21-17 John Wilkinson (Cro)

  • Bowler of the Year Shield: Dave Webb (Row) 21-6 Debbie Chamberlain (Row)

The League provides a number of individual Singles Competitions for members of the League's constituent Clubs. These competitions (now with all 2022 match results) are:

  • Audrey Pearce Trophy
    • open to those registered with BE to compete in the Women's category.
  • Masterman Trophy
    • open to those registered with BE to compete in the Men's category.
  • President's Shield
    • open to current and past Presidents of each constituent club, and of the League.
  • Secretaries/Treasurers' Cup
    • open to current and past Secretaries and Treasurers of each constituent Club, and of the League.
  • Bowler of the Year Shield
    • each constituent Club may nominate two players (one each from those registered with BE to compete in the Women's category and in the Men's category) to be entered in this competition. Those nominated should, in the opinion of their Club, have done the most for their Club during the season, and not because they are the Club's best bowlers.

Competition Rules are in the document below, with individual selected rules summarised here:

  • The winner of each tie will be the first to 21 shots.
  • The first named player in the tie will be the challenger, and will play at home.
  • The challenger must offer their opponent at least two dates within seven days of the draw being issued, otherwise the challenged person shall become the challenger and assume the advantages of the challenger.
  • Matches must be played by the scheduled date, once announced, for each round of the competition; failure to do so may result in the disqualification of one or both players.
  • An entrant unavailable to play on Finals Day (Sat 06 Aug 2022, at Bridgemary BC) must withdraw before the quarter-final of their Competition(s).
  • In accordance with the League’s Data Protection Policy, entrants’ names and contact information will be held and used in the management of these competitions. Entrant names may also be displayed on the League’s website, and contact information will be shared with other entrants to enable matches to be arranged.
  • Away player green fees (if any) are to be paid by the match loser.

Dress Code: 'Greys' for pre-Finals matches; 'Whites with Club/White shirts' for Finals Day (inc markers).

Contact numbers of competitors have been provided separately to Club G&F Reps/Secretaries.

Match results (Competition-name, winner-name v loser-name, match-date, and shot scores) to be provided to the Competition Secretary, within 24 hours of the match having been played.


Competition Entry is now closed. Copies of the sign-up forms provided to Clubs are below, for info.

Competition Entry Forms from Clubs, plus the Summary/Payment form, together with the Club's payment, were to be received by G&F not later than Monday 02 May 2022.