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Moorish Tent

Michael’s Field “MOORISH” TENT

In addition to the facilities listed for the hire of Michael’s Field, the Committee also hires out its “Moorish” Tent, for use on Michael’s Field or elsewhere.

Tent Details:

  • Seats 36 comfortably
  • Hire: £150 to villagers, £250 to non-villagers
  • Payment by cheque or cash on its return - *see note below regarding deposit
  • Hire does not include collection, delivery and put up/take down, this is the responsibility of the hiree
  • It takes 4 adults to get the tent up and down - it measures 13ft x 20ft
  • We ask that the tent is TOTALLY dry before being packed away, we accept this may mean delaying its return
  • *On collection, we ask for a deposit cheque equivalent to the hire fee to be retained, uncashed, until the next hiree confirms that the tent is in good order and complete.

For more information and booking please contact:
        Clare Duffield             07801 703447
        Katherine Clarke        07771 662925