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Win with 200+ Club

The 200+ club is a Village Lottery that exclusively supports the Village Hall and it's activities. Anyone connected to Ingham or Cammeringham can join the scheme.

The cost is £20 per year, split into two periods - a Spring draw over four months from January through to April and an Autumn draw from September to December.

Typically, we give away 50% as prizes in the monthly draws and 50% is donated to the Village Hall. If we have 200 members joining, we expect to raise £2000 for prizes and £2000 for the Village Hall.

We have a special Christmas bonus of £400 for one lucky winner.

The draw is held at the monthly Village Hall committee meetings from 200 numbers held in a sealed drum, with random members drawing the numbers.

The results are published on the Village notice boards, in the Village Venture and will be announced on the News page of this website.

Although called the '200 club', there is no limit to membership in this scheme. We strongly recommend that members pay by Standing Order as this keeps the administrative burden down but we an accept cash payments via a team of volunteer collectors.

For more information, please contact Carol Deague on or complete the attached form and email this back to her