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Supporting Evidence

Gathering Our Evidence

The Draft Neighbourhood Plan is the result of two years work by councillors and members of the community, along with our advisors. Our draft Plan and associated screening statements are simply the formal results of that work, and they are supported by a number of reports, leaflets, circulars and surveys carried out by Neighbourhood Planning Group throughout evidence gathering period. All this information is compiled as part of our Evidence Base and will be sent to Telford & Wrekin Council along with our Regulation 15 Neighbourhood Plan following this current consultation stage.

Our Evidence Base

Our evidence base is quite substantial, ranging from leaflets and circulars posted around the parish, though technical reports referenced in Appendix 3 of our Plan, to statutory documents published by HMG.

The attached documents produced by the council and its planning group are key elements of our Evidence Base that will continue to grow as we move through this consultation stage of the process. The Parish Council hope you will like what you see and read, and look forward to your support as we continue to develop and deliver a robust Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish of Lilleshall.